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Hmm this map thing dont like me. Its posted my address. How do I add my name?


Click 'edit', then your address and you can then alter it.  Don't forget to press 'save'. Hope that's right. You're just down the road from me!


Housework; Joan Rivers said,'I don't wash the dishes and you make the beds and then 6 months later you've got to do it all over again!'


hollie hock

Thanks for putting me back on dry land wasn't aware I gone adrift



Thank you nutcutlet

The rock in the Atlantic looks quite nice, just google Isle of Barra.

May have moved some more people by mistake. What ever you do don't click on the flags on the map, me thinks they move.  


It's OK Zoomer, they're easy put back, says she who couldn't manage it at first.

Shrinking Violet

I put myself on yesterday - west of Minehead in Somerset.  Today I seem to have moved to Wales!  Trying to work out how to edit it - and it's doing my head in!  Maybe tomorrow . . .


I am trying to keep the map backed up but if markers are moved its hard to know if they are in the right place or have been relocated to the wrong place. Thats kind of tricky each location has gps coordinates but not everyone will know or be able to find out what they should be.



Verdun, I like your new location - ingenius being in two places at same time!   


Blackest, speaking for myself, I look to see if I have gone on holiday!  I think everyone is having fun with this map.  You've done a great job.



It's good to see that he's moved closer to land.  Obviously no 'bites' where he was before. Is he in a row boat do you think?


Could be but its a rough ole spot in the irish sea.


I've been a smarty pants James and you are now on the map. 


Salino mentioned an interesting place pine lodge at St Austall its quite easy to find in google and select add to the map (GW Map) and its added in. Anyone else fancy adding some favourite places to visit?