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Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

I am not far from here!


Bet that's your plot.

I can't log in , can someone put me on the merseyside?


hollie hock

Any chance some one could put me on? I live in Monmouthshire


I can find your spot hollie hock, I'll do that

is that N or S of the Mersey Fb, not an area I know


flower bird you are on the map



You're on hollie hock


KEF there's too much housework for me there!!

KEF wrote (see)

Think I'd better put myself at Camp Granada. chucking down 10mins "out to have some fun 'cos it's stopped raining...kindly disregard this letter" soz young 'uns you might not know what I mean.

Oh yes, I remember it well.  I was very advanced for my age.

the Wirral peninsular, but we come under Merseyside NutC



Could someone put me on please; in the middle of a triangle formed by King's Lynn, Downham Market and Wisbech, Norfolk. Many thanks

The potty gardener

Camp Grenarda- sure everyone of 27 remembers this.

Artjak I have no idea where Norfolk is - hence why I suggested we put ourselves on map soI could see where everyone was. If no on else does it I will google it for you and put it on


Many thanks Bev.


I can do it artjak, I know where norfolk is. It's just up the road.



Just gone on

The potty gardener

Thanks Nut. Now I can look and see where Norfolk/Artjack is


Quick and easy now Bev