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I usually use tomorite growbags for my tomatoes. I have been offered Erin  milti-purpose compost very cheaply so would it be ok to use that for the tomatoes?  I do know it is too early to plant up my toms just yet!  Many thanks, Maggie


I don't use grow-bags to grow my tomatoes and they grow perfectly all right.


I use a good multipurpose compost for mine 

Oakley Witch

Maggie, if you are anything like me you always need a supply of compost lol

I use multipurpose for EVERYTHING I grow 


I can't deal with growbags. Not enough depth and I'm forever watering. Multipurpose does fine



pots full of mutipurpose, water with tomorite or equivalent - works OK if the weather co-operates!

Last year I did builders buckets with multi purpose abs tomato feed as soon as I got first fruits. That's what my mum said!!!

I don't like watering straight in to compost! Seems to wash soil off roots. I insert a plant pot or some such and water through that!
If they're very cheap, I use growbag compost, but in pots. Multi purpose is fine too, but whatever I use, I usually add some of my home compost and maybe some sieved leaf mould - seems to improve water retention.
I don't have confidence in gro bags because they seem to dry out too easily.
This year I will grow in 3 litre pots using added perlite.
I must confess the obsession this year to grow lots of tomatoes.
I like figrats idea of mixing home made compost imto the mix too. ,definitely will do that.
And I intend to keep tomato,foliage dry to,avoid blight
Oakley Witch
Another good trick is a 2 litre coke bottle washed out..few holes in the lid..fill with water and place upside down in the pot a little burried. It allows water to go into pot as compost dries out but when the cool comes at night, the water condences back into the bottle so your toms are not too wet. Come morning again it all starts all over.
Great plan, didn't think of that!! So just holes in lid? Fill through neck put lid back on and turn into plant pot??
I grow my toms under glass in a long tray filled with gravel, and as Verdun mentioned, when watering I try not to splash the leaves - removing the lower ones helps here. It helps to avoid blight, but isn't bullet proof, unfortunately.

The gravel allows for free drainage, but also as a sump from which the plants can take up more water if they need it.
Works for me anyway!
Yup. The pots, filled with compost ( and plants ) sit on a long gravel filled plastic tray an inch or so deep on the floor of the gh. I tie twine to the apex of the gh, and wind the stems of the toms around that to support them as they grow. There's a way of growing toms under glass in gravel using bottomless pots, which is called 'ring culture', this is sort of ring culture lite!
Ah! Think I see the confusion! I don't plant the toms straight into the gravel.


Sorry I think I was taking you too litterally! Ooops

Tha nks everyone for your wonderful advice.  Much appreciated. Maggie

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