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Oakley Witch
Ahhhhh...Lola. One of my favs when working in the lock up. I have had my plants listening to Lynard Skynard. They seem to like it. Or at least the delphs did.
Bunny ...
Going to see jules ?

Up until now I haven't had greenhouse sorted .... But will soon be iPod sorted for music afraid I'm all angles ... Radio 2 to boney m ..bee gees and blondie to gypsy kings and Julio inglesias
Sue H
I like all those. I am often forced to listen to new stuff to (by teenagers) quite keen on some. However if I never hear This girl is on fire again. That will be too soon:P:P:P


Bunny ...
You have used a lot of same images before martymower
Oakley Witch
Why have you got a tea cozy on bunny x

I was listening to Emeli Sande on the radio in the Potting Shed at Glamis Castle today and nwo away to enjoy her live on tv .

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