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Did this 'debate' happen when G'sW was filmed in Alan Titchmarsh's garden, or at Barnsdale?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Monty only wanted to present the programme again if it could be filmed from his own garden as he had just recovered from illness. Frankly I think he's a brave man to put up with film/camera crew etc. week after week.  Must be very stressful and I, for one, wouldn't do it for any amount of money.

I reckon all the presenters have done a damn good job over the years

And for what it's worth... that's all I have to say on the subject.

Brilliant fairygirl
I think fairy girl is absolutely right.
Maybe we should concentrate now on some real gardenIng questions.
Anything out there to test us?......I will post that thread

It takes a woman to view matters logically.

As Verdun would say, I'll get my coat.


Short and selective memories springs to mind. 

....and yet again a very non subject with only one objective - disharmony. No more contributions on this subject from me. Cheers




...and so say all of us marshmello(couldn't resist...)

Well said Fairygirl, lets be nice to each other..

So Chelsea is over for another year.BBC coverage the usual fawn, fawn ,fawn ooooh arnt they luvely sniff sniff sniff. Had they to like all the gardens .The English garden has GRASS where was it at CHELSEA,


Oh no. Not another thread for whingeing 


I have two questions? What is a WUM? and Why is Frenchcafe so grumpy?

I happened to see plenty of grass and I only watched a little, why the big bee buzzing in your bonnet?

star gaze lily

A WUM is a wind up merchant  Sweetpea.

Don't know who Frenchcafe isI

Shrinking Violet

SweetPea93:  WUM = Wind Up Merchant - usually best left to their own devices rather than responded to.

Bee in Bonnet or desire to create disharmony?  You be the judge!


The theme has been done to death though Frenchcafe, just take a stroll round the forum


Old threads resurrected Sweetpea - always a sign...

Best ignored ladies. 


Hadn't even noticed it was an old thread! Where I'm from we just call 'em trolls

Dont tell Frenchcafe but I suspect Monty does Not do all the gardening himself either !! Are we paying someone to sit about playing cards & drinking tea behind the scenes whilst the camera's roll ?

Its just Not good enough maybe we should all write to the Beeb & ask


Steve the Gardening Vet

I'm scared the BBC might write to me and make me get out in the rain like Monty has to!


Monty has help. He has stated this many times. He'd have to be superhuman to do everything in that garden on his own, and his books, and presenting, and his Saturday Mail magazine column.

Why don't you pick on the petrolheads at top gear instead?


I'll pick on the petrol heads. It's those half wits that are responsible for much of the poor driving attitudes and disrespect for other road users.


I just think they waste so much money in destroying things on Top Gear at least the gardening programmes are creating things. The look on Steve Redgrave's face when he saw what the Top Gear people had done to his garden on one of their specials said it all...