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I'm going out in to the garden to talk to the flowers.

Take a torch and kill a few slugs while you're at it

WARNING! Rio Knight's penny's worth incoming!

You dont see any gardening program's on any non BBC Chanels because they don't generate enough viewers so the advertisers don't want them on.
The BBC can show these shows because it doesn't have to worry about advertisers due to the unique way in which it's funded and long may that continue because it's the envy of the world.
If you want to see what tv looks like without a BBC setting standards just look at the rest of the worlds terrible tv and radio.
God bless the BBC and all who sail in her.

Wasn't AlanTitchmarsh on ITV last year with a "love your garden" series?

The third series I believe.  Someone paid for some very expensive gardens.probably the advertisers.


Those shows are being re-run on itv 2 as I watch them  quite good as you get to nosey round peoples gardens and I like being nosey lol. I do love gardners world but I do find its a bit grand sometimes, I`m afraid I don't have much money and what I do have goes on lots of other things so I have to garden on a buget and although what they show on gw is good its a way out of my league. I do like the what to do in your garden this week bit though, find that helpful.



I watched one yesterday. I think they spent more on the garden than my house is worth. 200 lavender and 3mature olive trees would be more than my car is worth.

What ever happened to Charlie Dimock & the Big bloke with braces ??


Think he does the voice-over for Wickes tv ads.

Charlie was on tv not long ago - can't remember what on - was it to do with making a garden pond?  


Charlie Dimock is on a current BBC series called the great british garden revival at the moment, I watched the wildflower and front garden episode with none other than Mr Monty Don! Various other garden celebs each have an episode. Charlie is also bringing in the cash with some miracle grow advert I believe

I was quite the fan of her in the groundforce days, being ginger, It was always nice to see one of us doing well on the telly box

Only had a Black & White television are you telling me she was Ginger ?(Only joking)

I found her informative & of course easy on the eye but in keeping with other television programes(apparently)she must have got replaced by someone younger with less knowledge, ( Atleast thats what several court cases were about )

I guess on some satelite channel somewhere they must be showing re runs of groundforce ??


Didnt Charlie host that prog last year where people voted for their fav flower, in different catagories.

So you think Im a WUM  sorry about that


goodbye. I have an ignore button


If you dont like the programme stop moaning and dont watch it. 

I think he does a good job and Ive learned quite a bit from him.  Every single programme has associated costs. No one asks Tess Daley who pays for her dresses or The Bake Off who pays for the ingreadients. 

Nut agree, ignore button pressed.

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