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So I was wondering who paid for Monty`s new Greenhouse and Raised beds all8 of them .All duly filled with bags of compost not a bit of his garden soil in view.

Me or Monty


Who cares?

Who pays for Radio 3 ?-I do partly but have never listened to it-should I ask for a refund?




None of our business and not our concern.  I have raised beds cos it's easier to work the soil in a cold, wet garden.  So does Monty now after a disastrous summer and winter for veggies in his soil and he's not alone with such problems so raised beds are a good way for him and many other gardeners to go.  I'd certainly like more.

I have a greenhouse to cos I need one. 


frenchcafe I am in agreement with you and have written to the Beeb to ask them.



I never thought about who pays (apart from one episode of Beechgrove last year when a BBC Scotland reporter, Eleanor Bradford, had her new garden done by the team!!!, nothing like a bit of nepotism).

I suppose Monty is famous enough to get plants/greenhouses for free/substantial discount. When a plant is mentioned on TV its sales shoot up.

I have asked them if he is payed a fixed fee and he decides how he spends his money or if he can just put in receipts  for any fixtures and fitting on top of his programme fee. 

Thanks that will be very helpful.


Does it honestly matter if he gets x and y or gets Z and pays for y where Z covers the cost of x and y?

Would you believe not everybody makes the same money as everybody else. Do you think he should be on minimum wage or something.




OMG here we go again!

I am confused sotongeoff-what has radio 3 got to do with a greenhouse?


It's included in the license fee whether you use it or not.  Simples.

Monty is a presenter paid to do a job by the BBC, plus what he earns from his books and articles in newspapers and magazines.  If he decides he needs raise dbeds or a new greenhouse to do his job better that's fine by me and is really nobody else's business.

Do you ask your doctor who paid for their stethoscope?  or you dentist who paid for his drills?  Or the garage who paid for their tools so they can do their jobs properly? 

No, of course not, so why should a TV gardener be any different?


Didnt we go down this road last week and it got nasty and unpleasant

So a question frenchcafe-what is your opinion now??


I know that !!-the same question David K asked last week and it did not go down well


I don't care who paid for Monty's greenhouse I think it is lovely and I wish I could have one that size but my garden isn't big enough. 



I shall try restrain myself unlike on similar thread last week. [ Angry trousers and all that ] In order to make an interesting programme Monty needs to have new things to do. If this involves new bits of kit and the programme brings us pleasure why should it concern us who pays for what and how much Monty earns?


I somehow think that frenchcafe is a WUM

flowering rose

Monty don,I should imangine from his wages.

chilli lover

WUM WUM WUM - I think there are a few lurking

Brum, if you aint bothered either way, why panda to the OP by going to look for the newspaper.
The bbc have paid out a lot more than for a greenhouse with the recent scandels from the 60's to the 80's regarding certain childrens show presenters.