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Ok been having problems with t&m and havnt heard good things about some of the others, so can anyone recommend a reliable company?


I think it often depends what you're buying Sarah. Verdun started a thread called The Good Guys exactly for this purpose. I'll see if I can find it for you and you can take a look 

Orchid Lady

The link is above to the thread Fairy mentioned, but my 'link' icon thingy has gone so hope it will work!

I have tried a couple of new suppliers this year.........Plantify, for example, recently supplied fantastic value plants.  I have to say they were cheaper and bigger than my local GC......also, I could not get them there.  I now have a list of excellent on line suppliers any of whom deliver within 24 hours. 

My feeling is if you want good perennials....shrubs, herbaceous etc.,.......go to suppliers providing potted plants in 2 litre at least.  Firms like T & M, basically seed, bulb  and annual plant suppliers are poor when supplying anything else.....they will send tiny bare root or plugs that often fail.  


Orchid Lady

My Geum I bought from Crocus is fantastic, it has about 8 flowers on now and has grown so much since I bought it, I would highly recommend them.

I have also bought plants from Crocus,and find they're really good.



I bought some geraniums (as opposed to pelargoniums) and other things, from   Plants for small gardens. They were healthy and very well packed, and the communication from the nursery re: delivery etc was excellent.

Yes, Ann, I too have had plants from Plants for small gardens and they were excellent


I have bought mine from Brookside Nursery for the past few years,good price and quality plants.

Crocus always supply top quality plants which are packed fantastically well - much better than the boot of the car after a trip to the garden centre! They are slightly more expensive than the bigger suppliers but you really do get what you pay for.

There are several lesser known but excellent on line suppliers, superior to crocus in my opinion, that have been mentioned here and on other threads.  It means plants that hitherto may have seemed uncontainableavailable ore widely available.  

My local GC ....a well known national chain.....seems more limited on range of plants supplied.  It's "click and collect" service ...designed to secure desired plants for poor.  Good on line suppliers are willing and able to provide this service

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