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figrat I'm wearing bacofoil helmet I am inspired. I'm going to leave seeds in microwave for a month (at medium setting) and look forward to harvesting ready cooked veg. Has anyone else tried this?
Miss Becks

Do you have a pic? (Of you in the helmet)


:- D :- D figrat.

Becks, I wasn't going to join in either but any chance to turn around some grumpiness is very welcome.

Hang on a mo. we're in danger of replying to people's posts now, aren't we ;- )


Pennine Petal
Just got home, you lot make me laugh so much!
Miss Becks

And the original poster hasn't even said thankyou!! How very rude!



It's no good, I'm still in a good mood - now I'm having a glass of rosé on a school night  - life can't get much more exciting than this 

hollie hock

Well.......... on a school night it tastes all the most delicious


where did you get that hat ... (Flo singing, everybody put cheese in their ears)


Dove, it can't be a school night in August. I never had school nights in August!


Well, I've got to get up and go somewhere in the morning -  if it's not school then I must be old enough for work 

hollie hock

Flo- I know that song , just can't remember it,


Oh Dove, I am a bear of Very Little Brain. I was a teacher for forever and didn't ever go to work in August!!!

Hollie-Hock it goes on

...where did you get that tile
Isn't it a nobby one and just the proper style
I should like to have one just the same as that
Where e'er I'd go they'd shout Hello
Where did you get that hat?

My Dad used to sing it. Probably Londonish in origin, or Music Hallish.


To the poster who wanted to know what Non Sequiter means, it means that you can't prune your roses!

Jean Genie

I thought some one wanted to know about corn.

 Size ? About 7 and a half inches.


Well - I prefer Apple Pie and Apple Crumble

Pam LL x


Doh!  Just realised - I should've put that one on the query about how deep the corn roots grow