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Don't worry...good enough to share round! Eerily enough I'm having a pedicure today (and having Olympic Silver varnish). Maybe I should go for Corn Gold instead.

i love it.. but we are naughty 

i have no wilkos here but wish we did.. off to get some 50p seeds later.. love a bargain 

figrat.. think you should add some glitter to that varnish.. and sparkle..


Changing the thread topic again, (sorry to the person who started this) but has anyone been Floriade this year in Holland, its only on every ten years, looks fab on the internet and I am going there soon, can't wait to take lots and lots of photos. Figrat, I would definately add some glitter to your varnish, all girls love things that sparkle 


oooh yes, diamonds are always a girls best friend


hollie hock

Flo-  you know when something just triggers a memory that you didn't know you had. I have a look on youtube( love the internet) and found it. Still don't know for sure where I've heard it before- but I'm pretty sure it was from my grandad. Thanks

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