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I'll tell why May. 

Because it's the best month of the year that's why!

The colour green has never been so vivid, from the road side verges to the unfurling leaves on the trees, especially the biguns, Chesnut!  The green isn't so brilliant as it is in the first half of May. The smell of newly mown lawns mmmm.  The hedge rows bursting with growth.  It really doesn't last long, come June and the green  takes on a burn't dried out look, it's gorgeous is May!

Since the new year I have planted Apples,Plums,Cherry, Rhubarb, Blueberries,Blackcurrant, Blackberry and Raspberries all sourced from the £ shop or similar . Most cost a £, the trees were only £5.  I'm so excited, I look at them all at least three times a day, all appear happy, me as well.  I have even learnt how to graft thanks to You tube. Fantastic guys on there, Stephen Hayes and Ian Sturrock, show you how to do it, not sure if it will work but I've never been so thrilled expecting results. My garden isn't large, never thought I would fit it in so all trees will be Espaliered or Fan trained, perhaps Cordon as well ! all researched online, I knew nothing last year, but now - well fingers crossed, if half of it works it will be fantastic.

Cleft graft, Whip and toungue, saddle! loads to learn even at my age, nicking and knotching to make them grow how you want.... there's me thinking I knew it all

But how frustrating is it that most will not yield anything until next year!

May, my favorite...

Gardening Grandma

Congratulations, Itsnotmyfault! Love your nickname, by the way. Why did you choose it - I'd guess there's a story attached.

It is fabulous when May comes and we know the hard weather is probably all behind us. I must admit that as long as I can get outside, I love whatever month we are in. I'll make an exception - I hate January! My birth month! However, the long evenings, the amount of sunlight, the sheer optimism of spring can't be beaten.


I agree wholeheartedly, May is great, June too. Love the delicate green in the woods.


I love the end of May when the roses are all out and the garden is filled with scent. I live in Dordogne so they are out earlier here. When I lived in England I used to enter my roses in the village show, in Kent. But it was the end of June.

When you have been out of this country for a period of years, you realise what a wonderful country we live in and that includes every month of the year with interest shifting from month to month.
Each month has its up and down side, the vagaries of the British weather see to that, even this winter long cold and dull had its up side. Looking out on my ever flowering Primroses, the Golden Privet as stand alone shrubs that look as if the sun is shining on the dullest day, the dog wood with its bare coloured stems that can look like a bonfire at the top end of the garden. My Lawsonia's with their evergreen "Fir" coats one golden the other vibrant green standing like sentinels and a sanctuary for birds.
Then we have winter flowering shrubs, my Forsythia is a golden blast of colour that makes the coldest day feel warm, the awakening early bulbs, as you walk the fields and woods around the Wild Garlic white flowers and the scent, the Celandine a carpet of colour doing its thing before the tree canopies darken the woods.
Life does not get better than that. I love the Autumn with its multi colours and the bringing in of the crops fruit and all the other good things we grow.
Every month is a wonderful month and this country a wonderful place to live, I have had the long hot days, the never seeing rain or even a cloud in the sky and believe me you soon yearn for the green fields the feel of rain on your head and the glorious flora and fauna of these Isles.




Frank/Dad-dead right..

Fairygirl wrote (see)

Frank/Dad-dead right..

Of course.


Palaisglide wrote (see)
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Frank/Dad-dead right..

Of course.



What a an enthusing post that was of yours.

I feel your excitement, enthusiasm and spring fever

Whatever you're got I want it!

Not really frustrating you have fo wait until next's all to come.  You have done the work....the blossom and the fruit is all in process


May is also my favourite month, if only it wasn't always so cold, the weather is rarely what you want it to be...

...agree with Frank's post above, wouldn't want to garden anywhere else, but do not think I would like to be too far north, as far as gardening is concerned... south, west, east - I think East Anglia is as far north as I'd want to go for this overpowering hobby...

Now I love the autumn, the smell of autumn fruits, and I love the scent of falling leaves, the autumnal autumn leaf colours and making all my wonderful preserves and jams, pickles and chutneys - an array of coloured jars of delicious summer and autumn fruits in storage to see me through the cold winter months.  A time of harvest, gathering in the results of a years graft on the allotment before the icy winds set in and wet conditions linger for months on end.

But I can understand why people love May and June, it has the promise of summer with the freshness of spring, new growth, young animals and as young veg are being harvested it gives a taste of things to come. 


My favourite month is September.  The days are still long, sunshine and rain in equal measure, the smell of growing things in the mornings with a cold nip in the air to invigorate you.  The smell in the woods as the trees start to put on their colourful autumn coats, and a few leaves starting to drop.  Lots to do in the garden as you harvest veg, all your hard work starting to pay off.  Harvest festival celebrations at Church and in School.

Towards the end of the month, the first early frosts truly marking the end of summer, and the smell of woodsmoke as the autumn bonfires replace summer BBQ's, the tidying up and readying of beds and manuring and planning for next year.  The glorious riot of colour if you're lucky enough to have to drive past woods or forest to and from work.  Clocks not going back yet, so still light, and occaisonally having to light the fire and getting cosy inside.  I love the slowing down of nature in September, it's not quite summer, but not quite bare and cold like late autumn.  The smell of autumn is one I love.


VP-I agree with you about Autumn. The colours and that low glinting sun-if we get it!- is lovely. Up here we often get really nice spells in late August and September and although it means winter's not long in coming it's also the chance to review everything and start making plans for the following year. 

mummy-muddy-paws you hit thenail on the ead, we got married in sept for all of those reasons, i also love the smell of bonfires and open fires in the lounge. 


easch of us has our own favourite months or seasons, some it brings back wonderful memories, for others its what it brings.   its lovely hearing why certain months or seasons are so special. 

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