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Hi all i went to Wilco,s this week and outside they had Red Japanese maple about 3 feet tall for a fiver ,cherry trees 4 feet tall £12 and lots more i dont know didly about trees but would love a Japanese Maple and a couple of Cherry trees just for the wild life and good looks at the bottom of the garden ,just being their  Now is Wilco,s any good or are these prices too good to be true,anybody bought trees from them in the past To buy or not to buy that is the question,please


I was given a cherry and plum tree from there for my birthday last week (which I'm really pleased about), I'd guess they are young trees (hence the price) though and it might take another year or so before they produce a decent crop.
Jean Genie

Hi Alan, I've bought a lot of plants from Wilkos and have been very pleased with them including 2 acers which have done very well. I've also bought a variety of plants , bulbs and houseplants from there. I think the trick is to purchase quickly as I know the staff at our local store don't look after them very well and a lot dry out through lack of watering and care. Makes me very angry and I usually end up telling them.

I've also haggled with them. I managed to get an Orange Dream acer for 50p years ago - it had been marked down to £1 because it had lost a lot of its leaves.

I would say go for it but get in there before the plants get stressed.



I haggled about some perennials last year which were actually just suffering from lack of water.

If you do get the trees, can't think of a reason why not, give them a really good soak in a bucket for a day, then planr in usual way.

Jean Genie

Tried to upload a photo of the Orange Dream acer but it won't let me. Managed to change my avatar so it's on there.

 Oh, It worked this time. My 50p acer.



wow now that's a result i was expecting ( u get wot ya pa fa) but no that's a great response many many thanks to you all  Wilco,s here i come,



Ornamental cherries and acers are lovely to look at but if you want trees that will encourage wildlife you need to plant some British native trees and shrubs as well

Hi Alan , I get a lot of my gardening stuff from wilko's, can't say I have ever had any problems. I love their gardening section. My favourite haunt is the garden centre but sometimes a bit too pricey for some of the things I need. I think you can get bargains in a lot of the shops.
I bort an orchid for three pounds about five months ago and it is only now starting to drop its flowers.
Enjoy your shopping.
The only thing I've bought from Wilkinson and hasn't taken off is a rowan it's still dormant any tips to get it going will be gratefully received thanks
Steve 309

Aldi are selling a lot of baby trees too, at silly prices, and I've been doubtful about them.  Any experiences?

Yes I bought a hawthorn from aldi and it's doing very well a year on

I would agree with earlier advice about Wilko to get in there early. there is a lovely lady at our local store in King's Lynn who does the watering of the plants, but who also has a million other things to do; she seems to be always jogging. Also the plants are indoors, and on shelves; buy them early, or not at all.

Stacey Docherty

Have to say I bought x3 lupins a dicentra a gooseberry and x 3 echinops all bar the gooseberry for £10.00 they were all shooting away and I potted up the gooseerry and echinops and planted the dicentra straight into the ground and the lupins straight in. All are ROMPING away including the echinops.... The lupins are a bit leggy but look amazingly healthy.... I would buy again from there in a heart beat

Steve 309

Was that from Wilko or Aldi, Stacey?

Wilkes do still cheap plants, however as Jean Genie stated they haven't got the expertise to maintain the plants so be careful and check all products for pot bound roots .Apart from that you get what you pay for based on the size of the plant



greenfingers, I saw someone on a gardening programme once say that it was quite ok to remove a plant from it's pot in a Nursery to check on the roots, now I regard myself as pretty fearless, but I'm not quite sure that I have the cojones to remove a plant from it's pot in Wilko or indeed anywhere else to check on the roots.

I am, however, prepared to try this in several large garden centres if I have the backing of people on this site.



I would not say this is a common practice  to do but I always check the bottom of any plant pot for root growth that confirms that the plant has been in that size pot too long and that could cause stress to the planet in question and therefore cause the plant to under preform .There is no reason to take the plant out of the pot to check  for this 

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