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David Edwards, there's a special thread called MOB rants, especially created to let off steam!


Oh arn't wind chimes just fantastic tinkle tinkle ding ding I don't think so ,But She who Must be Obeyed is thinking of getting new ones after the old ones had a reaction with my Stanl .ey ,Shuuuuuuuuuuuush LOL


Bunny ...
I have a small one inside kitchen patio door so only tinkles as such when door open (summer ..whatever summer is ) , I had a sm bamboo one too outside but removed in winter winds, neighbours arnt close enough to bother though .
flowering rose

as I said before my neighbours had one that sounded like the clanging of tins,it was noisy at night and noisy in the day and not an appealing sound at all.I unhooked where it still sits in the mud.they didn't listen to it and they didn't care it stopped.I Hate WIND CHIMES.sorry to those who have one.


I'd rather listen to wind chimes than I would to yapping dogs.  Quite like the tinkling ones and have 4 myself.  Perhaps some huge steel or bamboo ones would be good.



would anyone like these little birdie's they chirp and whistle as you pass them SHE loves them ,I don't whats worse tinkle tinkle ding ding or chrip chrip



wind chimes i dont mind,my neigbor has just bought one of those plastic croaking frogs that have a sensor and whenever a cat passes it goes croak croak croak really loud its driving me NUTS all night long tried throwing something at it from bedroom window and missed hit her shed instead ooops she loves it and wont move it arrrrg

Sue H
Metal windchimes are the equivalent to running ones fingernails down a blackboard. Terrible and irritating. Bamboo ones are softer and don't grate on the senses.
Worse than that one of my neighbours had one of those cat scarers. Supposed to be inaudible to humans. It wasn't. Drove me mad. Another neighbour complained before me and they stopped using it thankfully! !
Gardening Grandma

I have to agree that wind chimes are a blessed nuisance! (I think the same thing of water features - how can anybody live with the constant sound of a horse peeing - or, if the flow is more gentle, a leaky tap?) This does sound like a topic for MOB ranting! When I am in my garden I like the gentle sounds of nature and nothing else. Other people's lawnmowers and kids shouting and dogs barking are bad enough, not to mention traffic outside. Why add to the noise pollution?  Even if the owner thinks they are beautiful, the neighbours probably don't. As for leaving them there to keep other people awake at night - it is just so rude and inconsiderate. If it has not occurred to your enighbours, Dove, would it be possible to tell them? They might be shocked to know they are causing you a problem.


Do you know, I think they would - because our house is lower down (we're on a terraced hill) I don't think they realise how close the chimes are to our bedroom window - when next I see her and the opportunity arises I'll mention it.  

Perhaps they'll move it to the other side of the house, the house that side is higher up and consequentally further above their garden.

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