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Secret Squirrel

Hi All

Nights drawing in, now is the time for me to catch up on my gardening reading.

What are your favourite gardening/horticultral books?  I'm open to ALL suggestions


Currently very much enjoying 'Gardening In Pajamas' by Helen Yemm.


Mark, I like  The Idiot Gardener's Handbook by Daphhne Ledward, had it years but still refer to it.

Also love the pictures in   The Sensuous Garden by Monty Don.

For a smile / laugh it's   A Little Light Weeding by Richard Briers.



Might try the Richard Briers book Kef, sounds good. Its not reading I know, but I just bought the Victorian Kitchen Garden series (BBC) for my long winter night gardening fest!

Secret Squirrel

Thanks KEF and ginagibbs, I'll check them out. I'm reading at the moment;

Minding My Peas and Cucumbers: Quirky Tales of Allotment Life by Kay Sexton and just finished The Allotment Diaries: A Year of Potting, Plotting and Feasting by Kay Sexton.

I dont have an allotment and I have enjoyed and enjoying reading them


One of my customers gave me huge pile of old gardening mags yesterday - some dating back to 2006, it's going to take me all winter to plough through them 

Secret Squirrel

Gardening Maps!? never heard of them. Sounds intresting


I'll be catching up on all the G'sWorld mags - (that's mags mark! ) that I've not had time to read properly over the summer. Like to dip in and out of Christopher Lloyd's book 'Colour for Adventurous Gardeners'.


Mark you've been reading too says mags.

Secret Squirrel

Thanks Fairygirl, DOH! should have gone to specsavers LOL. Yes I like to re-read garden MAGS bound to have missed something important. I'll check out the book


Christopher LLoyd's earlier books are lovely reads. Not so keen on some of the later ones, the pictures are good but the edge has gone from the writing

Beth Chatto's Woodland Garden gets some re-reads, it goes well with my garden style.


Love Colour for Adventurous gardeners. Also continue to read his newspaper columns put together as a diary and Monty Dons diary. As well as being good reads they help to remind me what I should be doing each month. Shame I havent finished Augusts jobs yet!



don't worry pd, I haven't finished last winter's jobs yet

Secret Squirrel

I have got to dig up my Pelargonium and get them ready to overwinter as well as help my wife decorated the hallway

Neville Randall's book describing his experience of taking over a desolate plot and trying to make it into a garden used to make me laugh. Written in the 1960s , it was called "Thou Bleeding Piece of Earth" after the speech by Mark Antony in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, "Oh pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth....."

it was "lost" during a house move, the way things are. I miss it.

Urban Wildlife

My favourite book at the moment is 'The Natural Gardener ' by Val Bourne common sense and some great photos.

My favourite book, which I first read over fifty years ago, is a story based in a hamlet on the Cotswold/Chiltern borders, about rural life, and self-sufficiency, the poverty of the farm workers, and the optimism that most of the inhabitants clung to. Lark Rise to Candleford, written by Flora Thompson, in 1946, when she was an old lady, and based on her childhood in the area, is just so uplifting.

I have walked the area where Flora lived, and the book springs to life - the TV programme never conveyed the magic of Flora's words. 

When I walk her lanes, or dip into the book, I am transported back to that evocative age - I feel the need to get out and get my hands dirty, and make sure that I can grow enough food to put on my plate to last me through the year, just as Flora and her parents had to.

Whatever you thought of the TV series, if you haven't read the book, then please give it a try!