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I love the winter solstice, it is my wedding anniversary


Thank you Dove............


I've got friends coming over later for a drink; I think I shall tell them that they have to dress as Druids with greenery around their heads to celebrate the return of the sun. I suppose that is why we bring green stuff like holly into the house at this time and also why we feast, it's all pre-Christian, from a time when there might have been a genuine fear that summer would not come. Of course, dealing with British weather, that could be a very sensible concern But I am not deterred, I shall be planting Aubergines and Peppers in late January. Starting them off in the house and then when germinated, out to the moderately warm greenhouse.


It's all moving towards spring now 


Thanks Verdun. I'm ready

Deanos Diggin It

 The "New season" is now upon us! 

Can't wait! 


cut my holly today and give her a good mulch of compost as a thank you 

Highland Jeannie

Can't remember the exact wording, but it is said that the cold weather only starts after the winter solstice  & I read somewhere that the coldest day of the year is often 19th January.

Still got to wait until early Feb for the back garden to see a glimpse of the sun.



Ma always says that if it doesn't snow at Christmas it will snow for my birthday - almost the end of Jan - it's usually does 

No expert

Shortest day means that the spring is upon us. Rhubarb sprouting mad, Garlic up and the Daffs are up too. Roll on the new year!!!


as the days lengthen, so the cold strengthens.

But it's still nearly spring

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