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Had a beautiful day at East Ruston Old Vicarage on Wednesday. Alan Gray walked a group of us around his beautiful gardens pointing out new planting, new plans and showing off his wonderful spring show. We had coffee on arrival, the lovely walk in the sun, followed by a lovely lunch, what a perfect treat for my friend and I after a long winter. Alan and Grahams garden is amazing, if you come to Norfolk it is a must see, they have transformed a bare 30acre site and are still remodeling parts today. Alan has a wealth of plant knowledge and loves to share and answer questions. We are so lucky to have such a jewel close by, we feel a season ticket coming up, so we can see the garden through all the seasons 😉


Glad you had a lovely visit - it really is a beautiful garden and it is interesting to follow its development. 

Living locally I try to visit several times a year as unlike some gardens, it has something for all seasons. 

The plant sales and scones are good too 

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Any pics?  Plants and borders - not scones!

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Hi obelixx, if you google you will get a gallery of pics, i didn't take any on the day i'm afraid :( they hold a fab plant day in june too, it was excellent last year, inspiring 🙂


Obelixx - several of us have posted photos of our visits to East Ruston

although none have been at this time of year.

If you put East Ruston into the Search Tool several threads come up

Loana ... I must try to get to one of their plant days ...

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Thanks all.  It's the winter walk that interests me at the mo but plenty to admire and inspire for later in the season too.

Hi dovefromabove, yes do try this june, it s lovely and you get free entry to the gardens. I had just started my garden last year and bought lots a little beauties at the various stalls and had a lovely wrap for lunch....on the winter walk Alan was raving about one of his favourite i popped to his plant sales and got this little beauty, she put a smile on my face today....


She is lovely 

Over the last few years several of us have met up at East Ruston for an informal group visit ... It may happen again this year ... 

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