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The salvias get to 3 or 4 ft in my garden, and you are spot on, i struggle to throw anything away unless its a real pest!

SGL, i grow this yucca outside, but im sure you could keep it indoors if you wanted
star gaze lily

Yes sorry Lyn I should have said bekkie and Lyn not just bekkie. It was you that asked before wasn't it,.........not got muddled up and forgotten someone 

i'm thinking of creating a new large black themed planted border next year - I could give a forever home to anything seeds which have full or partial black colours 

Many thanks 



Not sure if I have any but will look next time I can take a stroll around, its so wet at the moment, but the good thing is that the new pond is now completely full with rain water!.

Personally I am not that keen on black flowers, I like the flashy ones!


Foolio, I have some aquilegia Black Barlow seeds.

I will be putting my full seed list on when I have finished gathering. Some stuff is yet to ripen fully.

Thanks fidgetbones - aquilegia would be lovely 


Looking round the garden, the nearest I have is a very dark maroon heuchera, I have Polenium with very dark leaves but the flowers are mid blue.

Fidget, could you spare a few of those aquilegia for me please.

Im quite interested to see a "black" garden, i would worry the flowers/ plants would be hard to see, keep us posted Foolio
Victoria Sponge

I've done my seed planning for next year and have the following spare, all in date if anyone would like them. The vast majority were free from magazines which is why I have so many I don't want. This is A-C:

Aquilegia chrysantha Yellow Queen

Aquilegia Yellow Bonnet

Ammi Majus Graceland

Aster Milady mixed

Aster Pompon mix

Aubrieta cascade mixed

Bidens Golden Goddess

Black-eyed Susan Susie mix

Brachycome Daisy mixed

Buddleja mixed

Campanula carpatica Blue

Canterbury Bells Mixed

Canterbury Bells Cup & Saucer mix

Cleome Helen Campbell

Coreopsis Tall singles mix

Corn cockle 

Cornflower x 2

Cosmos Dwarf Sonata mix.

Send me your address by PM if you'd like any.

Foolio, I've got a pack of Viola Bowles Black seed if you'd like them.

Ooo Vic, could i have the ammi please?
Victoria Sponge

You may! Send us a PM if they are working again

Have done , sorry if it looks a bit weird i lost the bottom of the page! Stupid phone
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Could I have some corn flower and black eyed susan please......but my PMs never work. 



SGL, do you want me to give Vic your email?
star gaze lily

Yes please, if its ok to have seeds. Thank you 


Sent you a PM, Victoria,

Have you still got my address from before?