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Pleased to hear the arrived sale. 

Thats a baby Lyn, one year old.

Victoria Sponge

Thanks Lyn, I also received the aconitum today

Ill start them off now and then put them on my outbuilding window sill for winter - hopefully that will be cold enough for them.

Who was it that wanted globe artichoke seeds? They are massive thistles that bees adore

Got teasel too if anyone wants
Beaus Mum

bekkie I haven't got a green house but have a cold frame type thing, do you think i could grow seeds in that over autumn and winter? X

Its in a sheltered spot 

It depends what seeds, i usually make do witht those big clear bin bags over the pots, just to keep the worst of the weather out.


Beaus Mum

Thank you bekkie, I'll do that too so they should be proper toastie 

If you know anyone who works in the NHS, you wont need to buy the bags
Beaus Mum

 Good thinking bat man 

The polystyrene boxes from the pharmacy in the hosp are good too

I dont pinch everything, honest

Its called 'perks of the job' Bekkie, they only dump all this sort of stuff anyway, you may as well give it a new home.


I have just harvested some really bright electric blue eryngium seeds, if anyone wants any.

Dave! Got my plants, thank you so much, i have already potted them up and put them in the best spot in the garden

Would Arty please get in touch,  I have your pink geraniums packed ready to go and no address. .thank you,

Hi every one , here is my list of spare seed.

Crocosmia  Lucifer

Purple honesty


Blue flax flower

Swiss chard bright lights

Mixed heleniums Ameranthus cream and tan shades ( will be ready in a few weeks )

Echinops steely blue

Echinops white


Will sort out remainder list tomorrow.





Could I have some white echinops please, will send PM 


Quick update...seeds off to Clarington, Perki, Beaus mum.

Plants off to Fishy.

It doesnt look like Arty is coming back unless she is on holiday, would anyone like the pink geranium plants, they are bagged and ready to go.


You do spoil me Lyn  Bless you. I wish I had more seeds to give away but they are all beginner types. Though I have still got delphiniums,lilac flower. Salvia Verticillata? They are a bee magnet...go on,you know you want some.

So that's you there Lyn? Taken about 25 years ago? 


25 years ago, not that long.

I would actually love some lilac delphs please.

Can you google the plants when they arrive, I have kept the labels.


Lphs please.


I will Lyn yes,thank you so much. The delphs are yours