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I know ive gotten all over excited about this, sorry, cant help it, i dont have any real life gardening friends to swap things with! If anyone would like to post a wish list of seeds or plants they want or need im sure it will help when the time comes for collecting the seeds/ taking cuttings etc. I imagine that between us, we have a fairly wide variety of stuff

I would love a bit of the blue geranium, have a pink one to swap.


I have a pink one thanks, but more than happy to save you some blue, i have two, one is the usual one you see around- johnsons blue i think, the other is a paler bluey lilac, its a daintier flower but the plant is quite tall, around 2 or 3 ft, would you lile some of each or prefer one or the other?

A bit of each would be lovely if thats ok. Please., looking forward to your wish list.

Will have to have a think

Do you live near wolverhampton? If not pm me your details, if you are happy with a root, i can post them



I am in Devon, I will pm my address, many thanks.

Please think what you would like, I have lots that I can do root cuttings from.

Its ok, no rush! Im actually quite tempted to dig the lot up and redesign, ive got lots of nice plants which arent really shown to their best. Seeing the pics of other peoples gardens has made me realise i just collect plants rather than create a garden-everyday is a school day as they say!

The roots wont look much when they come, but they will do well, ive split these gerainiums loads of times

I'm excited about this too! I love that we can all help each other out and better each other's gardens.

I have only a little garden and this year have started a tiny veg patch. Cost is a factor for me, it's got to pay for itself. I'll have some sweet potato cuttings (if all goes to plan), perhaps some carrot seeds, and some courguette seeds - but these courguette seeds will be from an F1 variety so who knows what will come up from that. i'll have some purple sprouting broccoli but not until next year. I may have one or two blueberry seedlings (I'll check).

In terms of flowers I have a wonderful deutzia(strawberry fields), the bees adore it! Evening primrose which are nice too, several very nice rhododendron, azalea, and camellias. I can never remember what varieties I have. I'll put together a full list of plants I have shortly. I'd love one or two more but only special, really nice ones (got to be picky as I have such a small space).  I'm interested in marigolds and camomile for their veg patch supporting attributes. I'd be interested in what veg seeds are available.


Bring it on Snowathlete, what are you after?

I will most likely have some veg seed in the autumn

Great idea Bekkie!!! I can hopefully offer some Nicotiana, Nasturtium and hopefully Mina Lobata seeds once they have all finished flowering. . My garden is probably the same Bekkie. I love flowers but design not quite right yet.

I know we cant actually swap yet, bit i need to know what to save, and thought others might be the same
It was a standing joke when my grandad was alive that he dug his garden up each year, despite how good it looked! Think i must be like him!
Hi everyone, I think this is a great idea
I started gardening this year, so I'm a newbie. I only have cowhorn okra seeds, and cherry belle radish seeds
It isnt about having to give something, but please post what you would like to get, that way if any of us have it? We know to save it and not chuck it on the compost!
I would love some rainbow chard and nasturtium seeds, if anyone has extra

Greenmanures. That's something I'd like to grow over the winter to improve the soil, if anyone has any seeds for that?

loony - I may have some chard, not sure, and if I do then I'm not sure what variety. But I'll have a look.



I can supply nasturtium seeds, I have lots of plants growing, particularly round my runner beans. And some nice fancy ones.

I have lots of unopened new packets 

as well, will list when the new seed swap thread opens.

Great! I really want to grow some nasturtium, there seems to be a shortage of bees in my garden
Right then Snow, i will save these phacelia seeds that were due to got to the big compost heap in the sky! Its a green manure, but i grow it cos it pretty!

Will have lots of nasturtium too as long as your not bothered about the colour! In fact if you live by me, you can have some plants, im overrun with the damn things!
This sounds odd, but i have quite a few packs of seed that i dont want, they are probably out of date but anyone is welcome if they want to try, just eating lunch will post a list when ive eaten my chillie!