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Apparently yesterday was World Naked Gardening Day -  it was far too chilly here in North Norfolk to take part - frost damage might have occurred - but the rest of you were all waxing lyrical about the lovely sunny weather you were having, and I believe someone regretted not having applied their suncream, so I'm presuming  you  all participated enthusiastically. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos 


I participated. I had naked feet & knees (after digging) and nudey rudey bare arms


There was an old bloke wandering round the supermarket on Friday wearing a tee shirt that said "Naturism is not a crime". No, but with a body that looks like a deflated balloon that has got snagged on a branch, sometimes it can be a crime to force others to look at it. Some things should not see the light of day.


Ha ha Pansyface  .   There used to be a woman - a wrinky one - local to me who used to parade around town in a bikini.    Think she was escorted by the police on several occasions - right put me off me shoppin' !


The plumper the cushion, the fewer the wrinkles   

Well, that's my theory ............... 



In a word - no.

There's a man up here called The Naked Rambler who constantly gets arrested for - well the clue's in the title! He just gets out of jail and takes his clothes off and carries on. He's a bit of a legend! Brilliant 


I was up to my waist in stinging nettles


A fig leaf would have been more comfortable Nut.

I was naked while gardening yesterday.....Under my clothes 

There's nothing quite like rambling nude in the countryside amongst Urtica dioica.  

I enjoy it sooooooooo much 

Busy Bee2

Didn't even go in the garden yesterday - was doing respite foster care for some other carers, so took four foster kids, plus little girl's mate from the village to the wildlife park - five 5 - 9 year olds and me.  Bliss!  The animals were all naked though, under their fur!!


Verd - ouch 

I was too Ryan - several layers of clothes 


Is that all Mike ................................. ??? 

Secret Squirrel

Two elderly ladies in our park saw a naked jogger, one had a stroke, the other one could not reach

I was brought up on Max Miller gags, sorry


Scott Edwards

That's great Mark. Even the wife laughed!

Secret Squirrel

Hi Scott, here's one you can tell on Sunday.

Two vicars were having coffee, when one mentioned that he was bothered by bats in the bell tower. The second vicar said he had the same problem but they have gone away now. 'How did you manage that' said the first vicar?' 'Easy' said the second vicar, 'Just make them members, you'll never see them again!'

No expert

Ryan Lloyd you should honour the great Homer when you use one of his quotes. Simpson that is.


Well I'll admit to it!



If you count nipping out in my dressing gown and bare toes to open the greenhouse