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Yesterday I read an article about worm towers being built into container gardens.

I am thinking it could be a good idea to put a couple in some beds or boarders in the garden, maybe make a feature out of them in some design.  Has anyone tried this?  Would it actually be beneficial?

Never tried it but it would be beneficial for the garden or a raised bed. Go for it. Let everyone know how it goes.


Nice one, I am going to go for it, getting some pipe this weekend and I will get it set up.



Hello Miller666.

Yes i have used worm towers and I have also used worm wells (sunk into the ground) 

You have to think of it as a natural slow release fertiliser for the soil, that the worms spread about. You can make really tall ones in the middle of raised beds and plant other things around the outside like hanging strawberries or outside tomatoes.

EDIT: never buy one, JUST MAKE ONE!


Edd, that is pretty much my idea, thinking of decent sized ones with say a small bird bath feature on top, of course I will be making them!


Ashleigh 2

Thanks for posting this Millers666, the bird bath on top idea is brilliant


If this project is still going Millers666. Then there might be some money or prizes going for you. You will have to read the terms & conditions as they do not often send prizes out abroad!


Cheers Edd, even more food for thought.



Materials acquired, will be working on this over the coming weeks!


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