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I've been out in the garden today turning over borders and planting stuff,  happy I was and away with the mixer when it suddenly dawned on me that there are no worms in the garden,  normally when I start digging the first sod has at least 3 worms in this is nt a good sign is it,  lack of worms means no air in the soil or even food for the birds,  I know they don't go that far down in the soil I just hope that I was unlucky in my digging but somehow I don't think so.


Maybe they've gone a bit deeper than you were digging because of the foul weather?


I do hope so figrat otherwise we're in big trouble,   just hope they are in hiding from me 

Think any worms with sense will be be down where it's warm, or at least not frozen.  We've had snow on the ground for over a week now, it's mostly gone but still there if in a shady area.  Or if selfish gits have piled it either side of their drive (ex-wheelchair user, current pushchair user).

I should warm up soon, I hope!

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