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We have a "Get if off your chest " thread for things that anger us. Rightly or wrongly I thought it would be an idea to have a place were we could post about the things that are worrying and upsetting us gardeners. Based on how many of us have family and life problems. Please bear in mind this is an open Forum that all can view.

If no one posts I guess it isn't needed,


That's a lovely idea KEF.

Kef...........a good proved popular earlier on didn't it ? 

I'm not so sure my Sumach could be called a family/life problem.......2 years on and I'm still trying to kill the damn thing. 

My large concrete built pond has a serious leak and somehow I have to keep 18 fish alive in something ( as well as the numerous other creatures ) whilst I drain and fit a liner.

Better stop now or I'll go on forever......not life threatening and certainly nothing like as serious as some folks are having to deal with but thought I'd start the ball rolling 

Great idea KEF

lets use this unique thread. I've recently aired my concerns about  my mum and will post them here in future 



Sounds like a hard problem to solve DK 

(getting coat...........)!




Oh you boys....I am a laydeee you know ...

Trust you lot to lower the tone...

Oh dear!   What about my nighttime arsony behaviour ?  


Lovely idea KEF. I may be in need of love next week.


I really feel for all those with worries about elderly parents. I had that problem, but don't say much on Forkers. Daddy died 5 years ago and Mummy died 2 1/2 years ago. Miss them. It was hard being in France, went to UK often to see Mummy in the home.



Verd - Nighttime arsony behaviour? Not sure I want to know about that either....



Same for me BL with my Dad. Mum died a couple of years before that. That must have been very hard for you being so far away. I was lucky - mine were both in their own house and I was nearby, although Dad died a few days before I was due to move. No long hospital stays or anything like that thankfully, so I'm very grateful they had no horrible experiences like some parents of forum members. 

Sharing it here can be a good thing. I think many of us feel happy to confide in the others here. Lots of good sympathetic people. 

Thread is a good idea but think we need to be careful....................

I miss so many who have passed but I try to live in the present and to look forward....

we are now the ones who matter 




Dad still healthy, Mum died 5 years ago - far too young.  Not sure its something you ever really get over.  

So haven't yet had to deal with elderly parent problems - but my heart goes out to those who do.  Must be very difficult when the carer roles are reversed.

star gaze lily

Thinking of my very dear friend who has cancer. We thought she was doing well but unfortunately she needs another operation. Hoping after Monday everything will be ok.