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Hi all ,this was a rescue plant when we moved here,I think its a Yucca of some kind and was in the rubbish bit, I replanted the larger one and the two smaller ones came,now its looking healthier and is a fairly strong grower i think the pot might be too small for three, So wot to do, wait till summer and split or do it now , or leave for a year or so i don't know ?  

 excuse yellow leaf its one of my figs just come in from the cold ready for winter,Cheers miserable cold rain erein Muns Nor  Norfolk 



Im no expert  but if you can identify it at the local GC or online then I suspect all my Learned Chums will be able to steer you in the right direction


The bigger the pot you give it Alan, the more offsets it will sprout as it actually looks more like an Agave of sorts but as can't enlarge, not too sure.  It looks happy enough in that pot......I'd leave it til next year ( and also til you have ID'd it for sure......Agave's are not usually hardy in least not reliably so.....hate getting wet ).


I wouldn't interfere with it now whatever it is.

Alan, does it have sharp points/edges?  Are leaves soft or hard?

i would leave it indoors for the winter.  Wouldn't pot on until a whole lot bigger 



cheers everybody many thanks


Astelia of some kind? Just a thought. 

Mmmmmm, not astelia I think Fairy.  But I'm not sure either 


Do Yuccas grow off a trunk?, it doesnt look like mine.

Could it be some sort of Bromeliad?

Yuccas do form a trunk tho not always so obvious on flaccida ( but that is not Alan's ).  Once they grow up, the lower leaves die off or you remove them and so you have a trunk, similar to the effect of Cordyline.  There are quite a few different Yuccas ......some more hardy than others.  Some Agaves can also produce a trunk like effect.


Alan, did you post this for an ID some time ago?

Not a obvious "cup".   Are the leaves that bluish colour in reality Alan ?


Hi ,Yes Verdun the leaves are not tough but are sharp and the pic colour is a fair one, so it seems leave till April,  leave together into a big pot ,i like the big pot idea,that will do nicely,potting into big pot wot soil u think, JI no 3 ?? full sun  Cheers many thanks for all that. Bit dull erein Muns

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