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I dug this up yesterday, intact, i have found others but just in the shell form, this one is about the size of a golf ball, the outside looks like a polystyrene ball, inside there is some white hard stuff surrounded by jelly, alien perhaps from another planet or something simple.


Not a clue, need a photo, inside and out

Busy Bee2

Haha - Lyn - just did this meself!!  Only I think I got in first with a bit of self-ridicule - will have to check back. 


Oh hel!! What a plonker...


 The water around it is just where i washed the soil off, I have dug up some empty shells, very soft, you know when a chicken lays a soft shell egg? its not brown, thats just soil, its pure white. its still sitting where i left it, jelly still there.


flowering rose

youll have to let it hatch ,sounds interesting.


Its a bit early for Grass Snakes to be hatching,August is more the time.My guess is that its an old nest from last year and this might be some kind of 'post egg laying' afterbirth?

It's a dinosaur egg.  


Verdun, don't be so silly.  Dinosaur eggs are blue.



Looked on internet, it is an embryo of the Stinkhorn fungus.


Did anyone watch the prog on fungi, how amazing  they are.


Hi Lyn, yes, The Magic of Mushrooms which was on BBC 4 last night was fungtastic!

Highly recommended and on iPlayer.  The BBC are providing fantastic science and nature programming at the minute - worth every penny of the licence fee and no other TV company will ever make programmes like that!


I have photographed 40-50 fungi species around Frampton.  Some are amazing colours and/or structure





 I always carry a camera and photograph anything I see while walking Scout



I did label them but that doesn't seem to have carried through.  From the top Red Elf Cup; Yellow Brain; Ascocoryne cylichnium; Trametes sp.; and Lycoperdon perlatum


Nice ones Dorset.

Mine are waiting for the fairies to arrive



It was a good crop last year Edd

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