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Yes we are indeed. 

I'd be telling myself it would have probably died, then I'd be glad I'd saved £2 instead! 

Miss Becks

Yes, Never grown them before anyway, so chance of survival could well have been slim anyway.

Don't suppose you're growing any grapes are you David? Cuttings welcome.

Bought all my seeds last year in their sale and was wondering when they would be doing it this year. Thankyou for letting me know. Guess where i will be going tomorrow best i charge up my electric bike in readiness. Saved a fortune last time.


Maud-don't you know the cost of electricity???

Miss Becks

Aaw, never mind. Something for me to look into for next year.



Thanks for the tip-off! Though last year I left it a bit longer and bought lots at 20p per packet! Not the ones I'd planned to buy , but could not resist the temptation!

Heard today that B&Q are slashing the prices of all their plants.

@Insomnia1973 sorry to butt in but are you looking for eating grapes or decorative?

Miss Becks

Ah, got you David. It's actually the seeds I was really interested in going for. I'm hoping to go tomorrow, if no-one ruins my plans!

joslow, getting hold of some eating grapes to grow would be wonderful, as my little one costs me a small fortune with them. She loves them, but I just love the look of the vines growing, so decorative is an option.

Gary Hobson
Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

...getting hold of some eating grapes to grow would be wonderful, as my little one costs me a small fortune with them....decorative is an option

Buying grapes from your supermarket is likely to be far more economical than trying to grow your own. The decorative option is more realistic. Vitis coignetiae is a vine-like plant, often offered in GCs. I have one. It sometimes has clusters of tiny grapes on it, but mine have never reached anything like maturity.

Hope you saw Monty's feature on carrots last night. He was telling it as it is - often a complete failure. Best to get your food from a supermarket, and grow veggies, or vines, just for fun.

Will be visiting my local Wyevale this morning too, shortly.

Gary Hobson

Just returned from my early-morning visit to Wyevale. These comments may not apply to all branches...

At this time of year GCs are often almost empty of plants, but all the display tables were fully stocked.

There didn't seem to be much cheap bedding. Strawberries were half-price (75p), and looked almost past their sell-by date. I noticed large tomato plants, with fruit on them, half-price, at £7.

Most of the plant stock was not reduced, so normal prices, around £7.

The seed sale is 50%, for selected lines only. I think that may include most vegeatables. I was looking for some seeds, but they didn't have what I wanted. I think it's an end of season clearance sale.

Right at the back is an area with remnant plants. They had a lot of sad-looking sunflowers, in yellow pots, for £1. They should be recoverable.

One curious item that did catch my eye - a chicken run, £340  - basically just a wire enclosure, and a wooden box for chucky to sleep in. It also had a plastic chicken inside - to give you the idea. Not sure if the plastic chucky comes with the set.

There weren't many people there. Maybe numbers will increase later.

Miss Becks

I only just saw the end of last nights programme, where they were looking at geraniums and the potato test by Monty, but Jess wanted to see how big her carrots were today, so she pulled one! They are only 9 weeks old, but she thinks because they are bushy on top, they're ready! Hmm, bit longer to go yet Jess!

But I'm still waiting on word from my eldest daughter before I can go to Wyevale. Typical teenager. (Lives with her Dad. Only comes to Mums on the weekend if nothing better to do)

Gary Hobson

Jess will be very pleased to know that her carrots are bigger than Monty's!


Yes, but a lot of those cheap seeds will be T&M and I have never had much success with the germination of their seeds.  Even their vegetables where there are statutory germination rates; their seeds certainly come out expensive even when cut-price. 

Miss Becks

Thanks for the tip David! Although I knew they weren't ready, but every morning when we go out, she ruffles her carrots 'hair' and says 'Are they ready now?', so I let her pull one to prove they weren't!

Never got to Wyevale due to visitors Probably best not going now. All the good stuff probably gone. No chance of getting there today.

Does GW come up in the iplayer, catch up thing? I want to see Montys carrots! LOL


Miss Becks

Excellent! Thankyou Gary!