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Miss Becks

You should get that patented David, and sell it!


A cake thread - who would have guessed. I've made Choc brownies with beetroot. Interesting, very moist.


Thank you. I think they were a touch too beetrooty,though, I'd use a little less next time.

Miss Becks

I love Choc brownies Flo!


David, do you mean smush it up to a puree? I grated it medium fine as I do with carrots for carrot cake.

Me too, Becks though they can be a huge disappointment when bought ones tuurn out more like just cake.



I happen to have a spare couple of beetroots, now where did I put that Green and Blacks? ;- )


My local Wyvale has a large selection of plants all reduced, I bought 2 blackcurrent plants and a redcurrent bush for £2.99 each.

Get out and grab some bargains


Selected seeds at half price, too.  Many varieties of chillies to try, but didn't find Scotch Bonnet.

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