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Thanks for that David I'll try to get to my local centre this week. I need to re-stock on sweet peas and veggies.

My OH won't be impressed though as I spend enough time looking at the seed stands as it is!

Miss Becks

Where's our local one David?

Miss Becks

No worries. Found it. Thanks for the heads up!

Gary Hobson

Garden centres must have a huge stock of all kinds of plants that haven't been sold this year. Perhaps there will be a lot more bargains soon.

Gary Hobson

I was in Homebase a couple of days ago, and they had things like strawberry plants going for half price, 100s of them.


Miss Becks

Up the A5, Chester Road, Aldridge. 15 mins from me. I love a bargain. Got 12 seed potatoes from our local hardware/odds and sods shop today for 50p.

Miss Becks

Can't have too much fun David. That would mean digging into my holiday money, and that just wouldn't do!

I wish you hadn't said that about the strawberry plants Gary. My biggest downfall. Now, where's my nearest Homebase!!

Gary Hobson

When I said strawberries were half price, they were still expensive, IMO. They were decent sized plants, about £2-ish.

Much more economical to make new plants (for next year) from the runners on the plant(s) you already have.

My local GC is also one of the Wyevale group (Solihull). They have about 130 outlets nationwide.

Miss Becks

LOL, David Stop it!!! Too tempting, But then again, like Gary said, still expensive, even for half price.Well, for me anyway.

This will be my first time attempting to propegate the runners this year, so hopefully, I'll have new plants for next year, although Jess did sow 30 odd strawberry seeds a couple of weeks ago, which have all germinated indoors!! Trying to explain to a 3 year old about sowing times, and wrong times of year to do it went totally over her head. I'm not sure what will happen with them!

Gary Hobson

Strawberries grown from seed should be fine, for next year.

I received an E-mail from T&M in the week, as did many of you, I suspect, offering 72 bedding plants for £7, apparently reduced from £28.

"Less than 10p per plant. For just £6.99 you will receive 12 plug plants each of Bellis 'Pomponette', Pansy 'RHS Winning Formula', Sweet William 'Messenger', Polyanthus 'Regency' Mixed, Wallflower 'Most Scented' Mix and Viola 'Most Scented' Mix."

Must be similar cheap bedding on offer at local GCs too.

Miss Becks

I never got that email Gary, but maybe because I've only just registered.

Wilko's were having a sale a couple of weeks ago by me, and I stocked up on pots. 75% off marked price. They had a rather sad looking grape vine for £2, which I was tempted, but decided against, but changed my mind the day after and went back. But it had gone.


I always worry about garden centre seeds, because it's often so hot in their glasshouse type structures.

Sometimes I still give in & buy them if I see a variety I really want, am in a hurry for, or a real bargain! 

I must try to resist because I know seeds should be kept cool & I like them to last for years.......

It's so disappointing Insomnia1973 when that happens. 

Miss Becks

I know Lokelani. What bugs me more is if they'd just thrown it away, as it really did look in a sorry state. I'm hoping someone bought it and is giving it some TLC.

Sentimental lot when we come to out plants aren't we.