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Your partner tells you he's having a lads weekend on the 14th - 16th February and your first thought isn't to strop about Valentines Day being ruined but to think "ooh fantastic I'll have the whole weekend to plant my chilli and sweetpeas without being disturbed".




Yep I get it, know where you're coming from !!...

Glad its not just me Higgy!

Not just you Clarington. I used to love the occasional weekend to myself.  Not that OH interferes or makes demands, but it's a treat to do what you like when you like without referring to anyone else

Secret Squirrel

Last year I had a whole week off work in May to myself in the garden. It was lovely, I would make sandwiches and a flask of coffee lock the front door and head down the garden to the shed. I had radio 2 on and rigged up some speakers not to loud.

I would do my gardening jobs, sit in the sun listening to 'Popmaster' for my tea break and stop for lunch listening to Jeremy Vine. I would garden to about 4.30pm, then shut up the shed and walk back to the house and start making tea for my wife ready for her return from work.

Yes its nice having time to yourself in the garden


Mark 1963 wrote (see)
Yes its nice having time to yourself in the garden

Oh yes. I just love doing 'stuff' in the garden. Even little things like moving a pot, opening the greenhouse or sitting in the sun is great. It is nice to have family and friends in the garden but it is my leaving me alone for a while is great.

star gaze lily

I love my 'me' time in the garden, wether its just pottering about, cutting the lawn, weeding, trimming shrubs, planting up pots/hanging baskets or planting up new beds. Then relaxing with a good book and cup of tea.

I love having friends or family over for a bbq or just drinks in the afternoon/evening if we are lucky like last summer.

But just like Mark and blairs I really like a quiet me time in the garden. Roll on spring and summer


My OH is very good and doesn't disturb me when I'm working in the garden, but he does empty my wheelbarrows which is great. Sometimes he offers to get me a cup of tea.


I have a little confession I'm afraid!!...

I find that annual leave gets swallowed up with childcare and school holidays so I really miss the time when I used to take a day off and just garden from dawn til dusk!

Here's the confession...

I often keep a couple of days annual leave back for myself but don't tell my OH! I then take the odd crafty 2 or 3hrs off to have an afternoon off work and in the garden for some 'me' time! I plan it for when she's working afternoons!! LOL

I hope this isn't too bad?....

Sometimes you need an escape from children and life don't you?...

Oh and I hope she doesn't read this either!!



Advantage of an allotment - I can escape up there for a few hours, whilst the OH potters in the garden - both happy, and living in little worlds of our own for a short while. At times it's nice to join the vegetables and become one of them!

Oh Higgy that's awful!! I'll have to remember it for the future..

I know I'm enjoying the garden when I realise I"ve been out all day and I haven't had any lunch.

My H is a great help in the garden, but he's changed since we left work. He used to keep "pestering" about how much needs cutting off this etc...Now I have to keep my eye on him, he's showing too much initiative and doing things without the seal of approval.

I love my garden.  You can just go out there and potter away and not have to think about anything apart from the task in hand.  I went through a messy divorce and thought I was going to have to move but was more upset about leaving my garden than the house.  However, I've managed to hang on and I'm still there and last summer was fantastic.  I spent so many evenings just sitting out there enjoying it.  Great!

Pottie Pam

Well done Sarah,

I hope this summer is just as good for you.

star gaze lily

Ditto  Sarah, hope we have another good summer, relax and enjoy. 


No expert

You know you enjoy the garden too much when the kids tell you to get out to your other family or go talk to your spuds.


...... when you see every weekend invitation (however tempting) as intruding into your garden time.  

My definition of a perfect weekend is to arrive home on a Friday evening, and not to have to find my car keys til Monday morning .... Unless its for a trip to the garden centre

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