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Like the Desert Island Discs programme - but with plants

Which eight plants would you choose for your Paradise Island - all things being equal - take it as read that you have perfect growing conditions - and they don't have to be practical edible plants either, unless you want them to be.

And as with the radio programme, you can choose one book to take with you too...



Yes, I'm pondering .......... I may be some time ........ it's all very well coming up with the idea for the thread, but .........


I will start with: Lupins, Delphiniums, Dahlias and Cannas. Picking only four more may prove too difficult.

Great thread Dove.

Agastaches, tender salvias, aeoniums, cannas, grasses, heleniums, phormiums, and donut deliciosa 


Can't have grasses Verdun, too many species. Cheating as usual!



Sorry Doc but i'm with Verdun i would take Briza maxima, as too the other seven mmmmm could take a while

Cant help cheating Doc. ,it's in my system 


Bananas, apricots, pineapples, peaches, passion fruit, plums, raspberries and strawberries.

And any book on how to make a hammock.


Verdun, donut deliciosa sounds good, can I have a cutting?

It's in the scoffitfastus family Flowerlover.  Cutting material is very scarce 


I'm assuming there are coconuts already, to hang the hammock on. I wouldn't have any grasses for the snakes to hide in. Other than pansyfaces list, I would add in papaya and breadfruit, and even the much maligned durian fruit. It's ok in the fresh air.




Roses, Clematis, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Petunias, Geraniums, Penstemon, perennial Salvias - especially the one in the photo that I've forgotten the name of, it's been coming up every year, covered in bees, last for ages. If we can only have 1 of each sort I'll have to think again. Shame I couldn't get Sweet Williams and Delphiniums in and Runner Beans and Tomatoes.

Book - Gone With the Wind, because it's so long it keeps me going for ages.



Still thinking 


What does breadfruit taste like fidget? Is it like Hovis? does it toast well?


Hmmm  delphiniums - Wisteria - Heleniums - dahlias - Alliums - rose - strawberry  - tulips. 

I probably change some if I were going to do it again tomorrow  


I can't do it! There would have to be sweet peas and pinks and roses. Oh, and honeysuckle and peonies and delphinium of course, but what about all the foliage and winter interest and bulbs? It's too cruel! I give up. Hardy annuals......lavender....


I'd have a real problem choosing just eight but here goes,

Rose Mortimer Sackler (to remind me of an English summer).

Bougainvillea (always wanted to grow one but never had any success) 

Native primrose (my favourite spring flower)

Douglas Fir tree (well you have to have something to hang your homemade Christmas decorations on)

Wisteria (if I had perfect growing conditions I might get one that bl**dy flowers)

A silver birch, (lovely dappled shade - my favourite tree)

Orange Tree (not worried about variety just wouldn't want to get scurvy)

Foxgloves (love the flower and you never know when you might to get rid of unwanted visitors)

Now for the book - can I cheat and take a solar powered kindle?  If not then I think I would take Robinson Crusoe, never read it and somehow it seems appropriate.



A holly (with berries)

A hazel (with catkins)

Narcissus pseudonarcissus  native English daffodil

Cyclamen hederifolium alba

Digitalis purpurea - native foxglove

Hosta 'Stained Glass'

Harts tongue fern

Chrysanthemum 'Alison's Dad'






I'm still thinking about my book - and the plant list will probably change tomorrow


Right got the other 7

aspen for shade and the lovley noise they make.

blue poppy because its a sod to grow but really worth the effort

white heather because i'm just old enough to remember the white heather club and it goes on forever.

scottish thistle for protection cause if you have a few of these bu**er all can get through.

mountain pansy just because i like them

scottish bluebells becase they have the ability to lift your spirits when you see them.

Book all three lord of the rings in one edition.