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For me it has to be my Border Fork and Border Spade. Also my Matock, without these with my soil I'd never get anywhere. I'm looking forward to finishing sorting my borders out, mainly so I can use the full size tools without hitting pebbles every 2 inches! What are your favourite tools and why?


Oops should have been on the Tools section ho hum!


Tools are kept in the shed, Ben, so appropriate really!

I love my border fork as it's a better size for a laydee than a big chap's one! And secateurs as they are easily carried in a pocket and needed wherever I go.


I forgot my secateurs, I found some lovely roll handle Felco for £35 last year, so my Father's day present was sorted!!!


That's the thing, when other people make suggestions I think - Oh yes! That as well!



I have several pairs of secateurs BUT there is one pair with an orange handle that is my favourite. Does the same job but I like it. When I am in garden it fits in my pockets. Also never go any where without my gardening gloves. they are a soft leather but really strong, a gift from M when she did that sort of thing

flowering rose

my trowel of which I have many ,that is I lose one find one and cant remember where I put it one,and of course which ones are my husbands and which are mine..........


Goldi - poor you!  and

Loppers with extending handles, great for reaching the neighbours climbers as they start to creep over the fence, a pair of pink handled secateurs, only pair that have never been lost, and a new favourite, I've just bought a seed sowing kit from Wilkinson's with dibber, seed disperser, fine sieve and a little thingy which you lower seedlings into compost with.

hollie hock

Love my small kitchen fork (without handle) and a small paint brush handle, really useful for pricking out and planting seedlings.

A lute? Reminds me of medievil banquets

hollie hock

Hi Brumbull, Thanks, never heard of them before


Highland Jeannie

An old table fork.  It delicately teases out tiny plants & is easy to wiggle under the weeds & remove. 

My wolf-garten weeding knife.  Can attach it to small or or long handle, depending on what type of weed it is.  Goes down a long way to get most, if not all, of a tap root out.

Also useful for chopping slugs in half.

When she lived in England, my Mum used to carry a small pair of snips and plastic bags in her pocket.  If we were out walking the dogs and she saw something she liked the look of, she'd send me into the garden to take a 'Nicky bit'.  They almost always rooted!

No wonder I disliked gardening for so long, was bought up not to steal, then sent by the same person who instilled the 'thou shalt not covet thy neighbours' buddliea' commandment to do exactly that!


I like my little hand fork for weed and loosening the surface of the soil, but they don't seem to sell them any more here.



May not be classed as a tool,but my long handled brush and pan that saves me bending down to pick up the garden rubbish. Also stops me making that terrible oooh noise when I bend down.


I too like long handled brush and pan. My  best tool for digging up weeds and making hole to put plants in is my late husband fish gutting knife. Just had thought maybe good to use on slugs as well. Would hate to lose it so always keep eye on where I put it down. Usually in bucket with other hand tools and gloves etc


Bunny ...
Like the idea of table forks shall claim one .

every tool I have has a purpose from a pH meter to a border fork bought in TK max of all places but I have used it to turn over my 10 x 20 plot



I would say my dutch hoe,  hand trowel and ratchet pruners,  I use the hoe for just about everything even doing the lawn edges,  I do have a lawn edger but the handle's not as long as I like.