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My partner and I have bought our first home and it has a small but lovely graden.  Here are a lot of plants and we have never had a garden before.  I could really use some advice!

We're not sure what is a plant and what's a weed! Any help in coming up with an action plan would be appreciated!  Some basic steps to get things tidied up would be good.

im told the red one is a Japanese maple.

something is eating this one!

Little plants growing in among the shingles.  How do I stop this?

More plants and there's a weird blue one underneath?

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The blue one and the holey one are hostas  - beloved of slugs.

You have a nice Acer too. That's the one to the right of the blue hosta.

You have some good, mature plants there. I'm sure other members will tell you what they are, nd what to do with them.

1. Corkscrew Hazel 

2. You have a phormium which the long strap like leaves, to its right is pieris.

3. The large leaves are a hosta, the sword shaped leaves are crocosmia. The pale leaves belong to a sorbaria.

4. Scrape up the slate chips and lay a double thickness of weed membrane and the put them back.

The blue one is another hosta and to its right is another Acer (Jap maple). 

You've inherited some very nice plants. I can't enlarge some of the pics, but you also have some dwarf conifers and I really don't know those.

I'm quite jealous of the maple and acer, they are a lovely size. As B3 said the holey and blue ones are Hostas, they are pretty fool proof! The hokey green one will enjoy some sun, the blue one will prefer some shade. If they haven't already, you'll soon see some flower stalks appearing, once they're done flowering I like to cut the stalks down so the energy goes back to the leaves. In the Autumn the leaves will start to die back, I then trim everything down to a couple of inches above the soil. That'love disappear over the winter, and then in the spring you'll start to see shoots appearing again. Then it is time to protect them from the slugs if you don't want the holes. You might have guessed from my user name, I like Hostas quite a lot! 

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