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Can anyone recommend the best place online and that is fairly cheap where I can buy two big 60cm pots for some M26 Apple trees to go in?

I can't seem to find any big enough anywhere!



Steve the Gardening Vet

Depends what you call cheap, a quick google for 60cm plastic planters brought up several options that I have seen used on TV.


Try B&Q, I got one from there about 10 years ago and saw similar last summer. Or a half barrel?


I have a couple of apple trees in large containers which I got in B&Q last year. They look like terracotta but are resin. I think they were about £15 but they had a three for two offer at the time. Homebase does large terracotta pots for about £10/£12. I got a very large one last year, but perhaps you don't want anything too heavy?

Here are the pots the apple trees are in:




Just back from town and Wilkinsons had some very large cheap plastic pots and Poundland had some too, which were, well, a pound!  Just a thought!


And dont forget your local auctions most of them have gardening stuff ,weve had lots of tools,pots etc all cheap, most people think of paintings and all that but the basic auctions have loads of gardening stuff to bid for and great fun too. 

Just an idea, but what about a trug? Certainly cheap and you can get them in lots of lovely colours!

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