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Hubby and I have just bought a house with a very well planned and planted but recently untended garden. I've spent the last 2 days concentrating on "quick wins" -  clearing the terraced area just in front of the kitchen window and arranging the containers I bought with me on the terraces, and clearing a very weedy flower bed about 8x4ft which is right next to the patio. In the cleared flower bed, and the border running along the top of the terraced area, and some containers, I've planted (using trowel and hand fork only) approx 50 plants in the last 2 days. I now have very very brown shoulders and arms, but white hands (wore gloves), and also a blister on the palm of my hand from the trowel .  I can actually feel a callous starting to form on my hand's palm - am I a fully fledged gardener when this has occurred? Any tips for avoiding blisters?


You are a fully fledged gardener because you have a gardeners suntan lol. When not gardened for a while and get a blister I wear a thin and a thick pair of gloves on that hand. Hot but no pain  After a while your hands will toughen up and you won't get them anymore.


Evlnyn ?? & Crabtree gardener's hand therapy & hand cream for me. But always having to scrub dirt from under fingernails, even after just having a look in the garden 


Don't you know that kneading bread is the best way to clean your fingernails!

Welshonion wrote (see)

Don't you know that kneading bread is the best way to clean your fingernails!



Re the bread- I always say that too! They say if you run your nails through soap (so that it goes under them) it stops the dirt getting in . Never tried it though- not organised enough to think of it!


 when my mum and I went for a manicure on the morning of my wedding, the manicurist commented on the toughness of and ingrained dirt on my mum's hands (I inherited my love of gardening from her). Mum said she didn't like gardening in gloves, so the dirt was so ingrained that she had to wash her hands in bleach to get them looking vaguely reasonable. The manicurist's face was a picture


Still hav'nt change. Still using the bleach.

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