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Bunny ...
Thanks nut for that .
hollie hock

Picked up trays of 10 mixed violas and lobelias £1.29 a tray. Healthy looking plants

So tempted to cheat and buy some aubergine and pepper plants. The one's I've sown are so slow and every so tiny. 

o dear david k wat happened to green ffingers???


hollie hock

Hi Zoomer, I don't class it at cheating just adding to your stock. I do grow  violas & lobelia from seed but at that price........... I just have more

I bought some cutting and seed compost from aldi and it is lovely dark smooth stuff and was so do much cheaper than the John innes stuff a d to be honest I can't tell the difference. Just because I didn't want catching out I mixed it with the John innes and added vermiculite and its poised ready to go!!

Can feel a spending free coming on...  

look out for their fruit tree offerings £3.95 each for pear,apple ,plum and cherry all very good well grafted stock forget about the posh names just look at the quality and the prices nobody forces you to buy.

Bunny ...
At least you would have spares zoomer
The capillary matting is blooming good! And not bad price wise!!

Bought the capillary matting last year on a roll, it's great you can cut it to fit any sized tray.  

mine wasn't on a roll just a sheet. But still good stuff. I hope I can keep it to next season but maybe that's the super scrimper wishful thinker in me!

I agree with Red Dahlia, the Garden line seed/cutting compost is lovely. Got 20 trailing lobelia plants for £2 - great plants that should be flowering by the end of the month (sunshine permitting!)


I got pots, gravel tray and windowsill propogator from there too!!
Gardening Grandma

I got some good stuff but, after reading this, I'm going back!


My local Aldi has some 6-8ft/2m ornamental trees - Hawthorn, Japanese Cherry, Field Maple etc for £4.99. Veryy good looking trees with good structure. Good if you want to screen something or one!


I bought 10 mimulus and 10 viola's for 99p each tray of 10 and they are really healthy plants. it was early Thurs and some were not as good. Imagine anyone going  day or two later they would have been rubbish. I am pleased with what i get at Aldies. B&Q Verve seed and cutting compost 2 for £10 I am very pleased with too.