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...grow my currently potted apple tree against a wall?

It's a falstaff, m26 rootstock, planted winter before last, not yet been allowed to fruit.  Looks like I could manage to get it "flat" without removing too many branches  Any reason why not to try to espalier it?


I've did a pear and an apple about a month ago an they weren't much smaller than yours, by the look of it.

I have an espalier pear.  I did mine from a maiden tree.

You need to train a pair of branches every year and tie them to horizontal support wires. You allow a leading shoot and two side shoots to develop and then these side branches are pulled  down to horizontal near the end of summer.

This process is repeated every year until the desired number of horizontal branches ...usually 3 or 4 reached.  


Cheers Lisa and Verdun.  Seems like a plan then.  Think I roughly understand, Verdun.  Can anyone recommend a guide - a book or online?

Not off hand Supernoodle but are there any wisley print outs or booklets? 


Jim Macd

The main reason is it's on an M26 rootstock. I think you mean m27 but then again I wouldn't you want an M9 or MM106 for an espalier. But I've even learned that M27 isn't much use for pots. It's just not vigorous enough. I'm going to change my one onto an MM106, that will mean inarching the new rootstock. Might be easier to start from scratch. I would just enjoy your tree as it is, especially since it's so lovely. Buy another Maiden or two in November (that's only six months away) from one of the many good suppliers on line. 

By the way, for How To's - You Tube. 


Hi Snoodle - Reads is a superb fruit nursery local to you and I, and their website is fantastic - they've just revamped it and included some great How To videos including one on espaliering apples and pears - have a look 


Evening Dove! I was going to ask whether there was a view on Reads - I'd come across it and was thinking of using them for setting up my fruit patch (next year). I think I've actually changed my mind and will put the tree in open ground, saving the wall space for kiwi and maybe a grape.  So indecisive... Ho hum.... 

Jim Macd

I was weeding by mine today and just happened to notice that the rootstock looks dead! So, I've had to do some emergency inarching using a couple of rootstocks I thankfully had left. I'd have like them to have been a bit more substantial but it's all I had. 


 You can't really see the original rootstock on these photos but the main part of it was definitely dead. I'm hoping there was some other roots attached enough to keep the main part of the tree alive long enough for the new MM106's to take over. Fingers crossed. I don't want to lose my little Spartan. 

Jim Macd

Sorry SN I said your tree probably wasn't on m26 I was confusing m26 with m25, M26 is between M9 and MM106 so ideal for pots and would be okay for an espalier.


Jim - that looks highly technical and very interesting    Can you explain how you did that please?


Snoodle - I've had some really good trees and bushes from Reads.  I recommended them to Alan 4711 and I know he's impressed with them too.  



Jim Macd

I just thought I'd update you on the progress of the inarching. As you can see the tree's growing well, and more than I think it ever did. 


The inarches look healed pretty well



And the good news is the graft wasn't dead after all, though I think you'll agree it doesn't look healthy. 



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