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13/06/2014 at 22:18

Hi, I've got an apple tree in a pot - was planted bare root winter before last so is in its second summer with me.  Each year I've pulled the blossom off so it can't fruit to direct its energy into establishing.  I've just spotted that I missed one this year - there's a little apple forming.  can I leave it and have just one, can I? Huh? Can I? Pretty please?! or will it undo all my good behaviour?

Also, my new plan is get it into the ground this autumn.  Should I also leave it for a year or too after doing so before allowing it to fruit? How long?

13/06/2014 at 22:19

It's in its second summer with you and presumably it had a summer or two before you bought it? Go on, enjoy.

13/06/2014 at 22:25

Ooooh thanks!  My first home grown apple!  I'll let it grow!  Birds better not try anything  That apple has my name on.

13/06/2014 at 22:31

I know the feeling. I have a mini peach tree with six peaches on it. First one due for picking any day now.

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4 messages