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Have just had a shed base done with hardcore and paving slabs and am going to buy a plastic shed.  Can it go straight on to this base or do I need to put it on something?

Doghouse Riley

If the slabs are level then I think not.

I'd fix the shed to the paving slabs with screws. I don't know what they will supply with the shed, but if nothing,  I'd put  some wooden batons, 2" X 1" would be OK,  over the base rail and screw through both to the slabs, this will avoid a strong wind pulling at any single fixing,  if it's only thin plastic.

I'd then put a bead of silicone round the perimeter of the base, both inside and outside.

Thanks for that advice. Will do


When ordering the plastic shed base, you simply have to order the right size base for the garden building you intend to erect. There are lots of size options, which again makes it easy to order. All you need to know is the size of the garden building – shed or otherwise – you want to put up. You can then find.

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