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Can anyone please suggest ,the minimum to spend on a pair of secateurs.

Hiya artychris

Well I get cheapos now....£5 maybe.  I am so heavy handed, so stubborn (I use them to cut wire amd too thick branches) and so absent minded (I am always losing them) that when I did use expensive ones it was a costly loss.  Secateurs from GC are often offered at half price but DIY stores sell them cheaply too.  They work just fine.

I would love to own a pair of decent felcos though 


Silly question coming up:-

When 'bypass' secateurs are mentioned what does this mean and why are they different to 'ordinary' ones and also are they used for different purposes? 

Bypass means that they work like scissors - the blades pass over each other. The other type is anvil - one blade cutting against a flat plate. They are supposed to have different uses, bypass is said to give cleaner cuts but anvil works well with woody material. I've tried all kinds and my favourites are small Wilkinson Sword anvils, they are like an extension of my hand now!


Love my felcos - expensive, but i have had mine years.



good god . just thought i have 5 pairs  my old dads wilkinsons. 2 wilkinsons anvils  the ones free with GW  subscription  and a small pair that i found dads still the best


Thanks Landgirl - very good description - all is clear now.  I will stick to my anvil ones as I mainly cut woody stuff.


I've bought 2 pairs of Felco second hand on Ebay this year  ( No 2 and No 8 ) and paid just less than £25 for each. Felco charge that to service an old pair. I've only used Felco for the last 30 years in professional horticulture and would never use anything else. 

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