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flowering rose

Thinking of what to hint for,since Christmas is looming and I know that certain people will be wanting a hint list.Well if I had a nice flat garden,a wheel barrow,I so love a wheel barrow,but alas there would be no point.I rather like those gardening shoes with no holes,could save time putting on the boots,or more gardening gloves.I think I have enough secateurs to last a life time and my favorite spade can not be replaced even if its tatty,and no more gardening books.Trowels ,no, got to many ,from fancy patterned ones to ordinary boring type.I have a shed full of pots of every size,although I am a sucker for those fancy ones.I think really if given  a choice (and I am grateful for anything) a garden voucher so I can indulge in more plants!Whats yours?


A bigger garden, a greenhouse and a potting shed, I can but dream,


I wish I could have a square garden as mine is like a triangle, it goes to a point. Even so, it is still packed with plants mainly in pots. I not only get to have a wish list for Christmas but my birthday is just before Christmas so | get to have another list.


Christopher Lloyd booksn

One of those compost seive things from the compost thread. Extra raised bed fo more veggies

Jean Genie

Monty for a week and some more drainage  My grandson's birthday is Christmas Day.



Raised beds - oh, and somewhere to put them in our overcrowded garden!

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