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Secret Squirrel

Anyone got any tips of how to keep the inside of a watering can rose clean? I have washed out the WC and rinsed the rose out under a tap, but still after a while the holes in the rose get clogged and is only spouting a third of the water. Most annoying

A good wash and scrub with hot soapy water or simply buy another if it's too bad 


Put it in a tray of kettle de-scaler and then bang it around a bit

Secret Squirrel

Thanks Nut, I'll give that a go. It's a good rose so I like to hang on to it for a little while.


Don't bang it too hard it it's a good one



Edd, I quite agree; that's what I use on the shower head too, though just vinegar works also.

Ben Taylor

I would suggest those fizzy denture tablets, I use them for my flask as well, get them in poundland, break a couple up inside the rose then sink it in hot water, might have to weight it down then leave it a few hours.

Mine get blocked - not by scale but by bits of debris. If you let it dry out completely you can shake it all out of the end that joins the spout - with a bit of patience

Try soaking it in lemon juce


Reverse flow of water (forceful) and then always ensure there are no bits in the water you put in the can.

Have you tried putting it through the dish-washer?

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