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I bought one of those cheap PVC 'mini greenhouses' as I'm sick of crowding all my seedlings onto windowsills. But as soon as we tried to stretch the plastic around the frame (should have known, given the £14.99 price tag) the thing split in several places. I can't be bothered sending it back for a refund and the frame itself is just the shape and size I want and is still usable, so I thought I'd cover it with something else so it didn't just go down as a complete waste of money and time. I thought bubblewrap might do the job. I know people use it to insulate proper greenhouses, but has anyone used it to make a complete cloche-type tent (this one is 2.2m long, 1m wide and 1m high)? Will it stand up to the wind on my hillside allotment? Does it let enough light in? I could salvage the panels of the original cover and (get my trusty, crafty girlfriend to) sew the panels to the bubblewrap to replace the ripped parts. Any tips?

What about cheap clingfilm from somewhere like Aldi or Poundstretcher.  You'd have to replace it every time you wanted to put something in or take something out!

I'd contact the place you bought it from, as it's obviously old stock and the plastic has gone brittle, the covers generally only last one season.  You could try ebay or amazon and get a replacement cover, they are only normally about a fiver.

I also wouldn't sew it, I'd use something like strong double sided tape or duck tape.


If you use bubble wrap alone it will keep out alot of light, and we are now at the time of year when as much light as possible is needed for your plants.  Try the builders merchants if you have one near you, for someheavy weight clear plastic, sold by the metre, then fix it with strong parcel tape or duck tape.  It is worth putting bricks or something on the ground bars it to stop it blowing away, or use the pegs sold for rose arches to fix them to the ground.  If you have a hedge or strong shrubs nearby you can tie it to those with good string. 

Mind, if you spend that much on it, you might want to wait and save up for s small cloche or tiny greenhouse made of wood or aluminium - some are not expensive if you add up all the bits you might need to keep the one you have grounded and watertight.  

If you want to cobble up a cover, even trying to patch together the original one, you might want to try a staple gun rather than tape/ sewing. When I had one of these, I secured it to the soil with tent pegs.

You could try putting a couple of growbags on the bottom bars to hold it in place now, it will also help to warm up the compost in the growbags ready for use in your mini-greenhouse/hanging baskets/pots etc etc.  This is what I do with mine whilst they're up (they're on the patio and I would be in trouble if they were up all summer)


I found pvc polytunnel covers online, not tried them yet but they're pretty cheap and I may make a cloche out of them in the autumn.

Sam i built a cold frame from secondhand 2x2 wood with bubble-wrap nailed with felt tacks inside the frame and clear plastic bags opened up and tacked on the outside and roof used a bath screen panel for the front with a half sliding door. Grew plug plants and young plants in it all through the winter and all done great no heating here's a photo of it.


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