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Morning all!

Is lavender a suitable addition to a compost heap? I gather it has antiseptic properties and I'm concerned that it may have a detrimental effect on the useful bugs in the compost heap!

Can anyone help?

Pamela, not quite sure what you mean.
Are you ripping out complete old shrubs or giving them the light prune they require.
Prunings can go on the heap, shrubs into the green waste if you have one.
Pruning Lavender is a gentle art, you take off the old flower heads and then trim lightly to round the shrub off a bit, stop it becoming straggly. never cut into old brown wood as it will never regrow.
They do become bare near the base as they grow and I take cuttings keeping some to replace older shrubs, they last around eight years before becoming too large, (I like smaller rounder shrubs), cuttings can take a couple or more years before ready to put in the ground, well that is my way, others may say different.


Hi Frank - thanks for your reply.

I have moved into a house and inherited a fabulous garden that needed bringing back to life. The lavender in question was carefully, lightly pruned last year but I soon realised that sadly, the bushes had not been maintained properly and no amount of gentle pruning was going to persuade them to grow from the base again. So, I gave them the heave-ho! These will now go in the green bags like you advise and future prunings in the compost! 

PS Frank - 24 new lavenders have just arrived thanks to the GW magazine offer 

Pamela, a favourite plant for me although 24 would be pushing it.
Spreading them around the garden attracts the insects for the other plants and I also have a couple around my sun trap seating area, the scent is fantastic.
Mine are all from cuttings now, with 24 you could go into business.
Sit now and then just enjoy what you have, I have learned to do that after many years, there was always something to do.


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