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Thanks Bob

Would pespex have been better?



The lid is only for when the propagator is turned off in summer and not in use, David, so I can recover the space taken for use as a normal growing bench.  As I'm using individual seed trays which have their own clear lids for propagating plants, I didn't see the need to build a transparent raised lid to cover the whole thing.  As seeds in each tray will germinate at different times, I can remove each tray cover, as required, giving me much finer control than having one huge clear cover would.

Point taken Bob.

Do you think that 12 metre cable is better for 4ftx2ft than 6 metre?  Do you need a thermostat or could you get by without?  Do you take out all the sand etc for summer?

Will try to think of some more questions.




Hiya Bob, thats the first project done really well start to finish even i understood the way its done ,im onto it soon,the lid turning it back to a bench was the iceing, Right wots next job Bob, we are all waiting perhaps changing your handle to Barry Bucknell,remember him 



Heheh - just a tad before my time, Alan.  It was Geoff Hamilton (God rest his soul) who inspired me most in garden DIY type stuff.  I have a 4mx2m polytunnel coming later this week (if it turns up this time!) so will probably bung up a few photos of that while I'm erecting it.  No doubt I'll be making some modifications..


just vegin

Thank you so much for this thread,  you have given me more of an insight into what I should be doing,  great idea duel use, going to use that one, I was  surprised over the length of cable required to get an even temp. 

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