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we have a small, shady garden. how can I encourage our azaleas to grow up rather than out?


Pennine Petal
You could turn it into a standard, I had one given to me on Mothers Day and it is still full of flowers. Guess you would need to find a central stem, bit like doing fuchsias.
It's their natural style jack
Some varieties though are upright and others not
Just choose those varieties that are more upright.
I grow quite a number of them......many,of,them in full bloom now.....
You can prune for,shape I I do for many,of my plants....but azaleas, Rhodos etc are best not pruned and allowed to grow as they naturally would
They tend to become quite rounded in time
The azaleas I look after are growing but no flowers new growth on them but can't see any flower buds.......put slow release eracious feed down last week so hopefully with the weather warming they will flower soon.
A few years back one of my azaleas did not flower which surprised me as it had loads of buds earlier.
It was attacked by snails. Never happened before or since.
I just leave a few pellets around the bush each hear now.
Don't let them dry out during g summer either and ericaceous feed or sequestered iron may help


we are having trouble with our azelias. rhodedendrons and skimmia. yellowing of the leaves and poor growth . our has a acid tendancy but still these plants are reluctant to perform !. the sun comes round the back onto the flowe bed at about 4pm so is not at its strongest. any ideas please ....julie

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