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Has anyone used one of the plant food sprayer jobbies that attach to your hose? I've finally tired of lumping a watering can around but find reviews of this alternative to be mixed. Can anyone recommend a brand (or advise on what to avoid?). Cheers dears, Bx


Couldn't get the thing to fit or work, and it was the correct one for the make of hose etc.  Gave up in frustration. 

i feed with a watering can as it can be more precice than a fiddly hose i think

Well, I took the plunge and it's PERFECT! Most of my garden is on a steep incline, so clambering about with wateringcan was problematic. This thing has chaged my life! Its just like a standard push-fit hose gun, but with a small bottle of liquid feed on the back. Even got different spray options, incl feed/no feed. Let's see if it lasts... Tbh, if I had to buy a new one every spring it'd be well worth it.. Who knew!?

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