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Hi, I'm very pleased to say that I'm the proud owner of my very first greenhouse and have been looking into getting a thermometer, but there are so many different ones on the market.. I don't know where to begin.. Any help and suggestions very much appreciated is it worth investing in one that costs 30 quid when I can get one for a few pounds.


I'd get one of those weather centres that read temp and humidity and have a remote extension for the GH so you can see what the temperature is without going out there. Mine cost about a tenner from Aldi some years ago.


I have a digital one (also a tenner) which does inside and outside temp (my GH is too far from the house to follow Nut's example). 

I wouldn't recommend a mercury min/max one, since both ones I have had get the marker mixed up with the mercury, which makes them useless.  I remember others on here (?Dove) having similar problems.

Have fun in your new GH - they are ACE !!


I have a maximum minmum one which I think I got in Wilkinsons for a reasonable price quite a few years ago.


I have a maximum minimum one which is invaluable, need to know how cold it was in the night and how hot it is during the day. Got it in a supermarket in France several years ago.



I have max./min. one; about £10 on Amazon.


I have a max/min one which I've had for donkeys. No probs with the mercury. If the mercury gets separated just put it in the freezer for a few hours.

I tried to buy a traditional max min with mercury (like the one i have had for years) and apparently they are now banned for sale to the public in the UK according to my local garden centre!

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