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Highland Jeannie

Has anybody got one of these?  Is it any good?

Local gc has a sale on just now & hubby thinks that the long handle would save his back.

Surely it can't be as easy as they show........ can it??



Peat B

The tool looks and sounds like a 'Rambo' weapon.  In reality, it is 'OK' for simple uncomplicated weeding out of dandelions, but virtually anything else, is useless, Docks laugh at you. Daisies scoff and anyything else is irrelevent to the tool. It is though, a veritable MASTERPIECE of marketting. 

Highland Jeannie

Thanks for that Peteballan - certainly agree about the marketing!

Sorry, but I don't agree with peteballan. I've had one for a year or so and find it to be excellent with all sorts of weeds including daisies in my lawn!

Peat B

Hi Cliff,  I wonder how complicated a tool can be ! The weeder has just not come up to the mark as far as I can figure. It leaves 50% of  major root systems torn off and left in the ground, craters in the lawn where it has been used, and I cannot get any neighbours to even borrow it !  Good luck to yourself tho'. Perhaps tools with a single direction moving part are beyond my scope of experience ! 


Hi Pete, I do agree with holes left in the lawn but regard it as aeration! I just filled mine with compost and sprinkled  some lawn seed on the surface. Fortunately I now have very few weeds left in the lawn.

Highland Jeannie

Hmmm, 2 opposite views!

Thanks anyway, I'll have to see how much it's discounted.......

I have just used one of these tools to clear a lawn full of dandelions, and it was amazing, no having to get on your hands and knees. I think it has paid for itself already, just need to fill the holes in now.
Highland Jeannie

We did buy it (discounted )  & I finally used it yesterday.

It did a sterling job with the creeping buttercup & as Jaycee says, it's all done from the standing position & I did enjoy flicking the weed into the bucket!  I just filled the holes with compost & grass seed.

Peat B

Hmph !       As for aerating the grass/lawn, I think a mills bomb would have the same effect for the crater effect, BUT IT still LEAVES 50% of the root system in the ground, on the ground I have anyway !  Love the dialogue anyway !


I got it last year and it never fails.  I had the one with the horizontal handle.  It does do my back in after a while and my poor garden often looks like the moon!!  BUT I do live by scrubland and regularly have Snow-falls of dandelion seeds


A word of warning - don't use it on weeds coming up through gravel, it will break!  I use mine on the lawn, & find it works wonders, and seems to bring most of the root system up with it.  If you have weeds coming up through gravel, I have a wolf-garten weeding knife, yes, you do have to get down on hands & knees, but it will remove EVERY bit of weed.  The weed puller is great if you have a big lawn, just keep a bucket with an even mixture of grass seed, sand & potting compost to fill in the small holes (not craters in my opinion).  Pop it in a used bread bag, & snip the corner off is the easiest way I've found to fill in the holes, bit like using a piping bag to ice a cake.

Peat B

I  live and learn !


With 500 sq metres of lawn, I find mine invaluable,yes it can leave some root behind,but seems to depend on the soil conditions,comes out better when the soil is dampish underneath.


Peat B

Hi Netherfield, I shall have to water the soil from underneath from now on !


I have the Lakeland one with prongs that you twist & I find that works brilliantly. 

Any foliage wraps around the prongs & it pulls nearly all of the deep roots out but is also so quick & easy to use that I use it even for small ones to save my back. 

It then has a plunger bit you press to send the weed flying out. 

I looked at the Fiskars one but it's so much heavier & I can't see the lever always being easy to use in cramped conditions, nor in loose soil beds. I can't imagine it working half as well as the one I have.

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