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Since im new to gardening, is there a good gardening book to help me with flowers and what to do with them.  


Dr Hessayon 'Expert, series are good.  Perfect Plant, Perfect Place published by Dorling Kindersley written by Roy Lancaster is a good reference book as well.


Also the RHS "Encyclopedia of Gardening" is just packed with information on just about everything - it's a "must have" for new gardeners in my humble opinion.


Have both the above recommendations Aimee,both of them are excellant choices,

The Dr Hessayon series of books allow you to buy the ones that apply to the type of gardening you are doing,flowers ,shrubs,containers etc,and I would probably start with these as they have good problem spotting sections.

hollie hock

I'd go for  Dr Hessayon, don't think you can far wrong with his books.You can pick up in charity shops and carboot sales really cheap


The RHS does a range of books, published by Dorling Kindersley.  They cost a tenner each but they're extremely informative.  Titles like "Plants for Places", "Gardening Month by Month", "Plants for Seasons".

Available from all good bookshops.  They are small too, although quite thick.  They will fit in the pocket of a fleece or jacket.  Great to take around with you at garden centres.

Aimie id go to the local charity shop and read them first they all seem to have hundreds of gardening books for a pound or two
Woodgreen wonderboy

My first book was written by Percy Thrower, about 50 years ago, and still makes for useful reading. try to avoid books by young whippersnappers, still wet behind the ears. They can't know very much from experience, and have copied it from others without knowing if it's correct.

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