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Busy-Lizzie is also over 60 and considers herself still young, looking after her over an acre garden, 4 horses, and a dog. Goes on walking holidays and organises functions for charity.

Waterbutts has seen better days. Hearing shot to bits, eyes watery, hips needing replacement, teeth mostly missing.


Thank you.

Although I didnt mean to offend anyone, I see you foreigners have a quick temper. All I meant was "would it make your life easier?". Props to you for being able to do all those things, but not everyone can. If you can't benifit from this product/project, get off the page. Youre 60+, right? show some maurity. No sense arguing with a "High School Student From Wisconsin."

I think perhaps you need to have lessons in irony, Ryan. You have just witnessed The Great British Sense of Humour in action but failed to recognise.


And you have missed The American sense of irony my dear.



If where going to put a loo in it, can I have one that talks to my and wipes my arse like the Chinese one’s I've seen on tomorrows world O'and a Ipod docking station. I have some nice American friend but I do think the American way of life is lazy esp. with automatic gear boxes, golf cart nearly all my American friends have a golf cart and not one of them plays golf. I think you will find the British very resistant in admitting they need a crutch we are a proud independent nation. I see quite often in say Wal-Mart able body people walk up to a mobility cart and just do their shopping with it as it’s easier, 99.9% are American’s  



Does anybody else find it just a teeny bit odd that a "high school student" should address me as "my dear"?

At one time I studied linguistics so I'm always interested in what is called the register of language. 

"my dear" is usually employed by elderly misogynists who feel that they are "out of their comfort zone", in my experience.


When I click on Ryan Bergan I get me instead. When I click on me I get someone in Wyre Forest, not me. When I click on top of my "forum posts" I get me.


Ryan Bergen isn't you B-L, he's me, I just looked.



Thought it strange dear 

Poor spelling indicates a student right enough wb  ....or maybe just someone imma-ure...

He even puts his own name and location in inverted commas, as if to say  "this isn't true, I'm not really who or what I say I am".

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